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Red Chinese Evergreen

Plant height
12cm pot
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Aglaonema Crete or the Red Chinese Evergreen is an attractive colourful and relatively easy to look after plant. With splashes of pink, cream, green and red, the Red Chinese Evergreen is eye catching compact plant that will bring a tropical feel into your home.

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Keep me in a humid spot in bright indirect light and water me when the top few cm's of my soil has dried out.

Plant Care Tips

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I can cope with a range of light conditions except direct scorching sun. My colours will be most vivid if I'm kept in bright indirect light.

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Native to tropical conditions, I need high humidity to thrive so keep me in a kitchen or bathroom.

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Water me whenever the top of my soil has dried out, and aim to keep my soil lightly moist.

About Red Chinese Evergreen


Chinese Evergreens were brought to the West in 1885 at Kew Gardens. They have since been cultivated and bred into a wide range of cultivars with dozens of colours available commercially.

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