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Cowboy Cactus In Lisbon Plant Pot
Cowboy Cactus Close Up
Euphorbia ingens Love sticker

Cowboy Cactus

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The Cowboy Cactus is a classic, cartoon-style cactus with branching, fleshy stems adorned with sharp spines. Its long elegant shape helps it to stand out as an architectural focal point.

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

I love bright, direct sunlight. Water me once a week in summer and less often in winter.

Plant Care Tips

White sun

I love the sun - place me somewhere where I will receive as much light as possible.

Plant Care Watering can 1

Water me once a week or so in summer, but slow down over the winter.

Leaves icon

Wipe away any dust build up on my stems.

About Cowboy Cactus


Euphorbia ingens was named after a Greek physician, Euphorbus when they discovered the plant in the Atlas mountains. Since then, it has become a popular feature in many homes, due to its striking appearance and fast-growing, easy to care for nature.


The Cowboy Cactus is native to Southern Africa, where it can grow up to 12 metres tall. It is usually found on rocky outcrops and is a favourite nesting spot for birds.


The Cowboy Cactus is fast growing in height but has shallow roots, so watch out for it becoming unstable if it grows too tall for its pot.

Did you know?

Although it is commonly known as the Cowboy Cactus, it is actually part of the Euphorbiaceae family and not part of the Cactaceae (cactus) family.

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