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Adiantum raddianum

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Maidenhair Fern

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The Maidenhair Fern, or Adiantum raddianum, is an elegant fern with beautiful, delicate fronds that grow in lush green layers. Found in the wild growing on rocks around waterfalls, the Maidenhair Fern needs lots of humidity so are a great option for steamy bathrooms. Whilst Maidenhair Ferns can be a little demanding with the right growing conditions they make a great addition to your plant collection for those looking to step up their plant game.

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I thrive in a bright indirect light, but out of direct afternoon sunshine. I need constant humidity and never let my soil dry out.

Plant Care Tips
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Water me little and often to keep my soil moist, and avoid letting me dry out.

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Fertilise me once a month in spring and summer.

Plant Care fertiliser

I love humidity so keep me in a steamy bathroom, on a tray of pebbles or next to a humidifier.

About Maidenhair Fern


Maidenhair ferns are native to tropical South America, and commonly found in Brazil. The botanical name Adiantum derives from Greek and means ‘unwetted’, as when it rains water falls off the leaves, so that the plant appears waterproof!


In the wild Maidenhair ferns are found on forest floors, rocky crevices, and along rivers and streams. Maidenhair fern stems are actually underground in the form of rhizomes. Even when plants appear dead above ground they can regrow up to 18 months since the last above ground growth, so don't give up yet!


Maidenhair ferns need a lot of humidity, soil moisture and good bright light to thrive. If they are unhappy fronds will quickly start dying. To rescue trim of any dying fronds and ensure soil is moist. Maidenhair ferns also do best in bright indirect light and warm conditions.

Did you know?

Maidenhair ferns are native to all continents except Antarctica.


This plant is non-toxic so although not advised should pose no harm if accidentally chewed or eaten by your furry friends.

Also Known As

"Adiantum; Venus hair fern; Walking fern; Delta maidenhair fern "

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