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Phlebodium Aureum

Blue Star Fern


Blue, green fronds make up a mass of wavy foliage, a sturdier fern that can handle some neglect.

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Polyscias Fabian

Aralia Fabian


This leafy Polyscias is known for its dense foliage, wasting no space, with leaves growing from the very bottom of its trunk.

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Polyscias Ming

Aralia Ming

From £44

Native to India, the fern like foliage of this dwarf tree creates a striking tropical feel.

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Strelitzia Reginae

Bird of Paradise Reginae


With tall upright stems and shiny boat-shaped leaves, this Strelitzia brings a tropical vibe to any room.

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Asplenium Nidus Campio

Bird's Nest Fern


Native to the rainforests of Asia, Australia and Hawaii, usually found growing in the high crooks of trees.

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Ficus Ginseng

Bonsai Ficus Ginseng

From £18

Striking Bonsai Tree with big, above-ground roots.

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Schefflera Arboricola

Bonsai Umbrella Tree on Lava


A striking plant with leaves that spread out to create a canopy rooted into a lava rock.

Clusia Rosea

Clusia Princess

From £10

Easy to look after, and tolerant of most conditions. A great way to add some greenery with structural interest to your home.

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Cocos Nucifera

Coconut Palm


A coconut and a palm, the perfect go-to for a tropical plant that will bring some height into your space.

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Dracaena Fragrans

Corn Plant


Native to tropical Africa, this easy-care plant looks great anywhere in the home.

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Dracaena Marginata

Dragon Tree


Air-purifying superstar that's easy to care for, this tree is native to tropical Indian Ocean climates.

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Ficus Altissima Yellow Gem

Ficus Yellow Gem


A close relative to the Fiddle Leaf Fig, this Yellow Gem Ficus is a great alternative for a more compact space.

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Epipremnum Aureum

Golden Pothos on Pole

From £30

Native to the Pacific island of Mo'orea, this easy-care, air-purifying plant loves climbing and trailing.

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Moth Orchid


For evergreen foliage and striking white flowers all year long. The perfect, long-lasting, alternative to cut-flowers.

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Oxalis Triangularis

Purple Shamrock


With an eye catching deep purple hue, and delicate lilac flowers, this Oxalis is sure to add an interesting pop of colour to your plant collection.

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Calathea Lancifolic Insigne

Rattlesnake Plant


Native to the Tropical Americas, this striking calathea with burgundy detail is sure to make a bold impression in your home.

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Guzmania Rostara

Scarlet Star

From £13

A tropical plant that will add a vibrant splash of colour to your home.

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Umbrella Tree Braided


Lush umbrella shaped foliage sitting on top of a braided stem.

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Yucca Elephantipes



Easy to care for, sun-loving tree that will add some tropical vibes to your home.

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