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Go back to the classroom and grow your knowledge on all things green. Explore our Plant Academy for gardening tips, plant styling inspiration, plant care videos, interviews with green-fingered experts and a whole lot more.

Bite-Size Plant Videos

Tips and tricks to help you grow healthy and happy plants. Discover our collection of bite-sized how-to plant care videos and inspo and boss being a plant parent.

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Plant Parent Courses

Learn the fundamentals of plant care with these plant care guides. From how to water your indoor plants to getting rid of insects in your garden, you'll be green-fingered in no time.

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Indoor Plants

Master the basics of caring for your indoor plants.

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Outdoor Plants

Learn how to care for your outdoor plants all year long.

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Grow Your Own

Get green-fingered at learn to grow your own.

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Plant Happiness

A-Z of Plants

From indoor plants to outdoor plants, from Aloe Vera to ZZ, explore every plant in our collection using this alphabetical list.

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Plant Blog

A library of articles written by The Stem team plus special guests, to inspire and empower the next generation of plant parents.

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77 How to make basil pesto 1

The Best Recipe for Pesto

In this article, we’ll give you the best recipe for pesto, a homemade and...

29 Five Uses of Aloe Vera 1

Five Amazing Uses of Aloe Vera

We assume you’ve probably already heard that Aloe Vera is a pretty fantastic...

75 How to Grow Your Own Veg

How to Grow Your Own Veg

You may be surprised to learn that it’s way easier than you may have previously

15 Best Feng Shui Plants for Good Fortune 1

Best Feng Shui Plants for Good Fortune

According to the pros, Feng Shui plants hold a lot of spiritual power and...

14 How to look after your Cactus 1

How to Look After a Cactus or Succulent

A succulent is any plant that can store water in its juicy leaves, roots or...

10 Best evergreen plants for Autumn 1

Best Evergreen Outdoor Plants for Autumn

Choose an evergreen outdoor plant that will keep your garden colourful all...

17 What Bulbs to Plant in Autumn 1

Best Bulbs to Plant in Autumn for Spring Flowers

t may feel like a million lightyears and a long, dark winter away, but spring...

9 Types of Indoor Plants That Purify the Air 1

Types of Indoor Plants that Purify the Air

We all know that fresh air is vital for our health and well-being...

8 The Importance of wiping plant leaves 1

The Importance of Cleaning Plant Leaves

It doesn't take long for dust to gather, especially on your plants...

7 best office plants to spruce up your home office 1

Best Plants to Spruce up your Home Office

Do you wish that you weren’t stuck inside working from time to time? Why not...

4 The Key Benefit of Plants On Your Mental Health 1

The Key Benefits of Indoor Plants on Your Mental Health

Spending time outside, interacting with nature is not just enjoyable but...

3 best herbs to grow at home 1

Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

Grow our own herbs inside and have a fresh supply of kitchen tastiness...


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