We see ourselves as part of a new generation of businesses where we take ownership of our impact on society and the environment.

Here are some of the things we are doing today to help minimise our impact:

  • Deliveries with 100% electric vans - zero emissions and it means we are not contributing to the toxic air pollution in London
  • To help offset the the carbon in our supply chain we plant a tree for every order through our partnership with Eden Reforestation projects - c.3,000 trees and counting!
  • No plastic packaging
  • And there is more, in fact, every aspect of our brand has been built with sustainability in mind, from the inks we use for our printed brand materials to our website hosting

However, this is just the beginning. We can and will do more and we look forward to outlining our goals in the near future.

The Stem x Christmas

Last Christmas we helped to reduced CO2 emissions by a massive 1,875kg as we collected and recycled all of our customers Christmas Trees for free by turning them into wood chip - we had an incredible 95% take-up rate!