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Bird of Paradise White in fibreclay pot
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Bird of Paradise White in fibreclay chocolate pot
Bird of Paradise White in dalton pot
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Strelitzia nicolai

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Bird of Paradise White

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Strelitzia nicolai or the White Bird of Paradise houseplant is a lush tropical indoor plant with large, deep-green, paddle-shaped leaves. These stunning houseplants work best as architectural centrepieces in bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms, where you can admire them in all their glory.

Please be aware that it is natural for there to be some tears in bird of paradise leaves, which is an evolved feature of the plant to let in more light to its lower leaves.

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Plant Happiness
To see me at my best

Put me in a sunny spot, close to an east, west or south-facing window. I love humidity so turn on a humidifier or keep me in a bathroom or kitchen.

Plant Care Tips
Plant Care Watering can 1

Water me when the top half of the soil has dried out. Let me drain as I hate my roots sitting in water.

White sun

Keep me in a sunny spot, next to an east, west or south-facing window. I am happiest in direct sunshine.

White misting

Mist me regularly, use a humidifier or keep me in a humid room such as your bathroom or kitchen.

About Bird of Paradise White


Bird of Paradise houseplants belong to the Strelitzia plant genus. Strelitzia was named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of England and Ireland from 1761-1818. Queen Charlotte was an amateur botanist who took a great interest in and helped to develop Kew Gardens.


The Strelitzia nicolai indoor plant is native to sub-tropical and coastal south Africa. Due to their stunning floral displays and architectural beauty, they are now cultivated worldwide and naturalised in North, Central, and South America, as well as parts of Portugal.


Bird of paradise indoor plants love warmth, sunlight and humidity. They can be thirsty during the summer months, but always ensure that the top few cms of soil has dried out in between watering. Bird of paradise roots hates sitting in water so be careful to always ensure their soil isn't waterlogged. In the wild, these plants burst out into fantastic white-blue blooms, but unfortunately, it is very unlikely that they will bloom in the UK. Wipe my leaves every few weeks to remove dust and let me absorb the sunshine.

Did you know?

Strelitzia houseplants are part of the same taxonomic group as banana plants, ginger and Zingiberales. Similarly to banana plants, they are technically herbs, due to their non-woody stems.


If ingested the Strelitzia houseplant can be toxic or poisonous so keep away from dogs, cats or other pets and small children.

Also Known As

Giant White Bird of Paradise; Wild Banana

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