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A-Z of Plants

Get back to the classroom to grow your gardening knowledge with our A-Z of plants. From indoor plants to outdoor plants, from Aloe Vera to ZZ, explore every plant in our collection using this alphabetical list.

Aloe Vera 4
Aloe vera Aloe vera care guide
Areca Palm 3
Areca Palm Dypsis lutescens care guide
Bay Tree 6
Bay Tree Laurus nobilis care guide
Banana Plant Tropicana 3
Banana Plant Musa care guide
Boston Fern 3
Boston Fern Nephrolepis care guide
Bird of Paradise White 2
Bird of Paradise Strelitzia care guide
Calathea Rattlesnake 2
Calathea Calathea care guide
Red Cordyline 3
Cabbage Plant Cordyline care guide
Corn Plant 3
Dracaena Dracaena care guide
Chinese Money Plant 3
Chinese Money Plant Pilea peperomioides care guide
Elephant Ear Portodora 3
Elephant Ear Alocasia care guide
African Milk Tree 2
Euphorbia Euphorbia care guide
English Ivy Variegated 3
Ivy Hedera care guide
Flamingo Flower White 2
Flamingo Flower Anthurium care guide
Fiddle Leaf Fig 2
Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus lyrata care guide
Ilex Crenata 3
Japanese Holly Ilex care guide
Kentia Palm 3
Kentia Palm Howea forsteriana care guide
Lemon Tree 3
Calamondin, Lemon, Lime Citrus care guide
English Lavender 4
Lavender Lavandula care guide
Maidenhair Fern 3
Maidenhair fern Adiantum care guide
Money Tree 3
Money Tree Pachira aquatica care guide
Olive Tree 3
Olive Tree Olea care guide
Moth Orchid Pink 2
Moth Orchid Phalaenopsis care guide
Parlour Palm 4
Parlour palm Chamaedorea care guide
Golden Pothos 3
Pothos Epipremnum care guide
Heartleaf Philodendron Hanging 2
Philodendron Philodendron care guide
Peace Lilly 3
Peace Lily Spathiphyllum care guide
Rubber Plant Tineke 4
Rubber plant Ficus elastica care guide
Swiss Cheese Plant Big Leaf 4
Swiss Cheese Plant Monstera deliciosa care guide
Snake Plant Cylindrical 3
Snake Plant Sansevieria care guide
Umbrella Tree 2
Umbrella Tree Schefflera care guide
Weeping Fig 3
Weeping Fig Ficus benjamina care guide
ZZ Plant 3
ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia care guide
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