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Plants For Businesses

Transform your office space with plants and bring the benefits of nature inside.

From corporate gifting to office fit-outs, we've got you covered. Choose from over 200 plants and pots or ask our team of plants experts for help.

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Refer a business order over £250 and we'll send you a voucher for £50 to say thanks. Email business@thestem.co.uk to claim your reward.

The Stem

We've hand-delivered indoor plants to 12k homes and helped dozens of businesses transform their workspaces.

Corporate Gifting

Reward your team with a growing gift. All plants come wrapped in our plant-patterned recycled paper with a hand-written note personalised by you. We can help you choose the right plants to gift and organise hassle-free delivery on a day that suits you.

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Corporate Gifts

  • Pilea peperomioides

    Chinese Money Plant

  • Terrarium

    Glass Terrarium

  • Epipremnum aureum

    Golden Pothos

  • arlour Palm
    Chamaedorea elegans

    Parlour Palm

  • Peace Lily

    Peace Lily

  • Phlebodium aureum

    Blue Star Fern

  • Agave 'Blue Glow'

    Agave 'Blue Glow'

  • Ficus ginseng

    Bonsai Ficus Ginseng

  • Pachira aquatica

    Bonsai Money Tree

  • Schefflera Arboricola Lava
    Schefflera arboricola

    Bonsai Umbrella Tree on Lava

  • Clusia Princess
    Clusia rosea 'Princess'

    Clusia Princess

  • Jade Plant
    Crassula ovata "Hulk"

    Jade Plant

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Office Fit Outs

Transform your workspace with our easy-care indoor plants. Proven to help boost creativity and productivity indoor plants are a great way to spruce up an office. Looking to fill an office, restaurant or shop our team of plant experts will help you choose the right plants for your space.

Shop Office Plants

Office Plants

  • Strelitzia nicolai

    Bird of Paradise White

  • Epipremnum aureum

    Golden Pothos

  • Howea forsteriana

    Kentia Palm

  • Snake plant Laurentii
    Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii'

    Snake Plant Laurentii

  • ZZ Plant
    Zamioculcas zamiifolia

    ZZ Plant

  • Money Tree
    Pachira aquatica

    Money Tree

  • Snake Plant Zeylanica
    Sansevieria trifasciata 'Zeylanica'

    Snake Plant Zeylanica

  • Aloe vera

    Aloe Vera

  • Dracaena Fragrans
    Dracaena fragrans 'Cintho'

    Corn Plant

  • Dracaena marginata

    Dragon Tree

  • Hydroponic Fiddle Leaf Tree
    Ficus lyrata

    Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

  • Epipremnum aureum

    Golden Pothos on Pole

  • Monstera deliciosa

    Swiss Cheese Plant Big Leaf

  • Yucca Elephantipes
    Yucca elephantipes


  • Cast Iron Plant
    Out of stock
    Aspidistra elatior

    Cast Iron Plant

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