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Boston Fern in lisbon pot
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Nephrolepis exaltata
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Boston Fern

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Boston Ferns are an incredibly popular tropical fern. Their lush curly and wavy green fronds make them the perfect indoor plant to bring some calm into your home. Like many ferns, they can be slightly more involved to keep looking pristine, and need constant humidity to thrive, but with their stunning looks and air-purifying abilities, we think they are worth the effort.

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Keep me in a bathroom or kitchen with lots of humidity, and never let my soil dry out.

Plant Care Tips

Plant Care Sun behind cloud

I can tolerate a range of light conditions, from light shade to bright indirect light.

Plant Care pruners

Prune any of my dead or dying fronds.

Plant Care Watering can 1

Keep my soil moist but not soggy at all times.

About Boston Fern


Nephrolepis exaltata or the Boston Fern was first introduced to Kew Gardens in 1793 and was brought to England after one of the many fern and plant hunting expeditions to the Americas.


In 1895, a mutant variant of the Boston Fern housed at Kew was discovered in Boston, hence its name. This variant has become the dominant cultivar. Boston Ferns are grown around the world, traditionally by division and now through tissue culture.


Boston Ferns love warmth, high humidity (around 80 per cent) and moist soil. They will keep best in kitchens or bathrooms. Ensure their soil never dries out, keeping it moist but not wet. Prune any dying fronds to encourage new healthy growth.

Did you know?

Victorian Britain underwent a huge fern craze, coined 'pteridomania'. Pictures of ferns and fern related motifs were seen on biscuits, benches, chamber pots, tea sets and rugs as the country went fern crazy.


This plant is non-toxic so although not advised should pose no harm if accidentally chewed or eaten by your furry friends.

Also Known As

Sword fern; Boston Swordfern; Wild Boston Fern; Boston Blue Bell Fern; Tuber Ladder Fern; Fishbone Fern


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Verified Customer

Karolina M

Boston Fern

Larger than expected, but a welcome surprise :) Plant arrived in excellent condition.

Verified Customer


Boston Fern

It was a lot bigger than described which meant I had to find somewhere else to put it

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