About us

Who are The Stem?

The Stem is an online plant delivery service that delivers plants direct to your door.

What is The Stem promise?

The Stem promise that we will always deliver quality, service and sustainability. Read more about us here.

Plant care

How do I look after my plant?

We provide care instructions for your plant on its product page, which gives you instructions for watering, light requirements, feeding your plant and more.

We also have a plant care hub where we have detailed 101 guides on plant care.

Finally, we offer a free plant doctor service to anyone who needs additional help!

How do I look after my plants when I go on holiday?

Most plants will be fine if left for a week or so. We would recommend moving them to a shadier place and making sure that they are well watered and happy before you go away.

If you will be on holiday for two weeks or more, then we would suggest asking a friend or neighbour to pop over and check on them.

How much light does my plant need to thrive?

All plants need light - however, some can deal better with shade or direct sun. All of our plants have specific instructions on the best place to put them to meet their light requirement.

About plants

Are your plants child/pet-friendly?

Many plants are perfectly friendly for children and pets and should have no health impact even if they are touched or ingested (although we do not recommend ingesting!); however, some plants can be mildly toxic.

If you are worried, you can filter our plants to show only our pet-safe options

How long do plants live?

This will really depend on how well you look after them, but on average, we would say the smaller plants live for 2-5 years, mid-sized plants 5-10 years and the larger plants 10-15 years (however, if they are properly looked after they can live indefinitely!)

How large will my plants grow?

The size of our plants on arrival is shown in our size guide on the product page. Some plants will grow larger; however, if you want to slow their growth, you can keep the plant in its same nursery pot, thus restricting its room to grow.

What pot does my plant come in?

Most of our plants come in plastic nursery pots. We strongly recommend keeping your plant in this plastic nursery pot and then placing the plant in the plastic pot into a decorative pot.


Where does The Stem deliver?

Currently, we only deliver to London postcodes (anything starting with E, S, W, N) - you can use our postcode checker here if you are unsure.

When will The Stem deliver outside of London?

Hopefully soon!

How much do deliveries cost?

Deliveries are free on orders above £25 and are £5 on orders below £25.

Can I change my delivery slot?

Of course, just email us at info@thestem.co.uk with your order number

How do deliveries work?

Just choose an available slot during checkout. You can read more here.


What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day no questions asked return policy (just please take care of your plant as per its care instructions during this time)


Do The Stem have any job openings?

We are always interested in hearing from people interested in working for The Stem. Please send your CV and a cover email to info@thestem.co.uk, and we will get back to you if there is anything suitable

Press enquires

For any press enquires please email us at info@thestem.co.uk and we will get back to you ASAP

Brand partnership enquiries

For any partnership enquires please email us at info@thestem.co.uk and we will get back to you ASAP