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Aralia Fabian in elho white pot
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Aralia Fabian in albero pot
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Aralia Fabian

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Plant height
12cm pot
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Aralia Fabian is a compact indoor tree with large, glossy, plate-shaped, green leaves spanning its woody trunk and stems.

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Keep me somewhere warm and humid with morning or afternoon sun.

Plant Care Tips

White sun

Place me in a sunny spot, ideally next to an east or west-facing window, or back from a south-facing window.

Plant Care Watering can 1

Water me whenever the top few centimetres of my soil has dried out.

White misting

I love humid environments, like a bathroom or kitchen. Alternatively use a humidifier or a tray of pebbles.

About Aralia Fabian


Native to the Pacific Islands, the Aralia Fabian can grow up to six metres tall in the wild. Its botanical name, Polyscias scutellaria, comes from the Greek and means “lots of shade".


Aralia Fabian is part of the Polyscias genus which contains over 100 species.


Aralia Fabian likes warmth, humidity and bright indirect light. They would love an east or west-facing bathroom or kitchen.

Did you know?

Their leaves have been used as substitutes for bowls because of their shape and tear resistance. They also produce an aromatic smell described as being similar to maple syrup.


If ingested this plant can be toxic or poisonous so keep away from dogs, cats or other pets and small children.

Also Known As

Polyscias scutellaria ‘Fabian’; Shield Aralia; Plum Aralia

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