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Red Cordyline

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The Cabbage palm or Red Cordyline is a compact palm-like evergreen shrub with spiky red leaves. Mature plants produce scented white flower stalks that bloom above the plant.

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Grow me in a sunny spot and water me only when I dry out. I like well-drained and fertile soil.

Plant Care Tips

Plant Care fertiliser

Feed me monthly from spring to late summer with a general liquid fertiliser.

Sun icon

I love the sun but also like some shelter and also do well in partial shade.

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If I am in a container I will need watering more. Wait for my soil to be dry to touch between watering.

About Red Cordyline


Cordyline australis is part of the Asparagacege plant family, and there are approximately 24 varieties. Cordyline australis is native to New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. According to the Maori tradition, the plant had spiritual, ecological, medicinal and practical uses.


Cordyline australis is grown as an ornamental shrub for containers or garden planting schemes. Because of its striking shape and foliage, it is used as a focal point in many gardens. In ancient times, the Maori used their leaves for weaving and basket-making, which has recently seen a revival.


Cordyline australis likes to be planted in a sunny aspect or partial shade. Water it sparingly and let it dry out between waterings. Feed monthly with a balanced, liquid fertiliser from spring to late summe

Did you know?

The name Cordyline comes from the Greek word condyle, meaning "club," referring to its underground stems or rhizomes.

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