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Citrus × aurantifolia

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Lime Tree

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The Lime Tree is an evergreen shrub or small tree with aromatic, glossy dark green leaves. In the summer, it blooms scented white flowers that are followed by small edible greenish-yellow fruit. The Lime Tree is best grown outdoors in a pot over the summer and should then be brought inside during the harsh winters

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To see me at my best

Keep me in a sunny and sheltered spot in summer and bring me indoors in mid - September to a light and cool place.

Plant Care Tips
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During the summer, water me twice a week with rainwater. In winter let me dry out before watering.

Plant Care fertiliser

Feed me specialist citrus food during the summer months.

White sun

Keep me in a sunny spot outside in the summer and move me indoors for the winter.

About Lime Tree


The Key lime is a descendant of the lime that is native to southeast Asia. It was introduced to the new world in the 16th century by Spanish explorers and was later imported into the Florida Keys in 1839. Citrus × aurantifolia is part of the Rutaceae plant family.


Grow Key Limes in a pot that can be placed indoors for winter. This allows them to flourish in most conditions at any time of year. As well as being cultivated as an ornamental plant, Key limes are used in cookery, the production of soap, perfumes and essential oil. Most limes are commercially grown in Mexico, where the Key lime amounts to 54% of total lime production.


Key limes should grow outside in the summer and be brought indoors for the winter months. They thrive in sunny, bright sunshine and when kept indoors, they like a bright and cool position. They should be watered thoroughly in the summer and less often in winter. Limes are at their peak from May to October, but growing them in containers that can be brought indoors allows them to flourish in almost any climate, at any time of year. They should be feed with citrus feed all year round.

Did you know?

In 1987 Key lime pie was promoted as "the greatest of all regional American desserts."

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