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Olea europaea

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Olive Tree

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The Olive tree is a small to medium Mediterranean evergreen tree with silver-grey foliage. It has very small white flowers followed by black fruit in summer. Although it is native to the Mediterranean, an Olive tree is also happy grown in British gardens, as long as it's positioned in the full sun. Despite its name, the Olive tree won't bear olives when grown in the UK.

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Place me in the sunniest position possible and water me sparingly, but regularly in the spring and summer.

Plant Care Tips
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Water me little and often during spring and summer and don't let my roots sit in water.

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I thrive in full sun and will bask all day, I am best placed in a south-facing position.


I need gritty and well-draining soil.

About Olive Tree


Olea europaea is part of the Oleaceae plant family. An ancient tree that has its origins 20–40 million years ago in Turkey and the Mediterranean basin. Cultivation of the Olive tree spread throughout the Mediterranean region and has been a part of everyday life in the area since the beginning of civilisation


Nowadays Olive trees are grown in many parts of the world with some varieties being suitable for growing in the UK. Whilst it is grown as an ornamental tree, it's mainly grown as a food crop. In the Mediterranean countries, it is the single most important economic plant crop. In 2020/21, the global production volume of olive oil amounted to approximately 3.2 million metric tons. Approximately 90% of global production is oil and 10% olives. Olive oil is also used in the production of cosmetics and soaps and is said to have many health benefits.


The Olive loves a sunny and warm position and to be watered sparingly. Plant it in gritty well-drained soil and feed it with a liquid fertiliser in spring and summer.

Did you know?

The oldest living olive tree in the world is in Bethlehem and is four to five thousand years old.

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