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Yucca 4
Close Up Of Yucca
Close Up Of Yucca Leaves
Yucca In White Elho Plant Pot

Yucca elephantipes

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17cm pot
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Yucca are retro looking indoor trees with sword-like leaves fanning out from the top of their long, brown trunk. Yucca are hardy houseplants and while they thrive in bright indirect light, they can a wide range of conditions, making them a great easy care plant to bring the tropical vice into your home.

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Plant Happiness
To see me at my best

Put me in a sunny spot and only water me when my top few cms of soil dries out.

Plant Care Tips
White sun

I will thrive in bright, direct sun but can also tolerate shadier spots.

Plant Care fertiliser

Feed me once a month with diluted liquid fertiliser in spring and summer.

Plant Care Watering can 1

Be careful not to overwater me, waiting for my top few cms of soil to dry out between each time.

About Yucca


It's common to buy a Yucca which has been grown from a special "log" or stem, after potting it up, the new green growth emerges out of the top of this stem and the roots grow out of the bottom and into the soil.


Native to the sandy deserts of Central America and Mexico the Yucca plant is widely cultivated for ornamental use in both gardens and homes. In hot semi-arid climates, Yucca's make popular outdoor plants and can grow up to nine metres high and eight metres wide. Because of their ability to adapt to a range of climatic conditions Yucca's have become a popular houseplant in recent years.


The Yucca plant enjoys warm, dry conditions and will grow best in a sunny spot. Overwatering is a common problem with Yuccas and the topsoil should completely dry out before each time. Being used to the contrasting day and night temperatures of the desert means the Yucca is really hardy to a range of conditions. Fertilise once a month during the growing season with diluted liquid fertiliser

Did you know?

The flowers that bloom on Yucca's in their native habitat are the national flower of El Salvador, locally called izote.

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