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Radermachera sinica

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China Doll Plant

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The China Doll plant or Radermachera sinica is a beautiful bushy plant with lush foliage and an elegant appearance. As they mature they grow into trees with woody stems and a thick canopy. Small and compact they make a perfect desk companion.

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Plant Happiness
To see me at my best

Keep me in a bright spot, keep my soil moist but not soggy and give me extra humidity. I don't like changing conditions so try to keep everything as stable as possible.

Plant Care Tips
White misting

I like humidity. Keep me in a kitchen or bathroom, or on a water-filled tray of pebbles.

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Keep my soil moist but not soggy.

Plant Care Sun behind cloud

I like bright light, but keep me out of the afternoon sun.

About China Doll Plant


The China Doll plant has been available in its larger tree form for a long time but only gained traction as a houseplant in the 1980s. It became popular due to its ability to survive in centrally heated homes, and for its compact shape and look.


Native to the subtropical mountainous areas of Asia, China Doll Plants are evergreen trees that are a part of the Bignoniaceae family. When cared for indoors, they are moderately fast growers and can reach heights between four and six feet at maturity.


As a houseplant, the China Doll Plant needs warm temperatures and lots of bright indirect light. It requires moist soil but can't tolerate wet feet. They can handle average indoor humidity but drop leaves from stress or environmental change. Moderate fertilisation is sufficient, but they need pruning to stay compact.

Did you know?

The China Doll Plant can reach heights of up to 30 metres with a trunk diameter of 1 metre in the wild. Large white trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in early summer at night and only last that evening before melting away in the morning light.


This plant is non-toxic so although not advised should pose no harm if accidentally chewed or eaten by your furry friends.

Also Known As

Serpent tree; Emerald tree

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