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Cast Iron Plant

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The Cast Iron Plant has attractive glossy, dark green and arching lance shaped leaves. As its name suggests, the cast iron plant is tolerant of some neglect and requires only a small amount of attention to stay looking happy. It's also a whizz and purifying the air, and furthermore its pet friendly too!

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Keep me in bright indirect light, water me when the top of my soil has dried out, and regularly wipe my leaves to keep them dust free.

Plant Care Tips

Plant Care Watering can 1

Water me thoroughly when the top of my soil has dried out, and avoid letting my roots to sit in water.


Wipe my leaves regularly to remove dust, unblock my pores, and let me absorb sunshine.

Plant Care fertiliser

Feed me once a month in spring and summer, with a liquid houseplant fertiliser.

About Cast Iron Plant


The Cast Iron Plant became popular in Victorian homes, as it could tolerate the fluctuating temperatures of hallways and entrances. The Cast Iron Plant could also stand the gloomy low light conditions and fumes produced by Victorian coal fires.


The Cast Iron Plant is native to China and Japan. It is most commonly known as the Cast Iron Plant, as it is pretty hard to kill. Cast Iron Plants are tolerant to some neglect, mainly because they grow happily under larger shrubs in the wild.


As this plant is very slow-growing, you will not need to worry about repotting it in a hurry, an added extra for those looking for something super low maintenance.

Did you know?

George Orwell titled one of his books 'To Keep the Aspidistra Flying, using the popular houseplant to represent middle-class English status.


This plant is non-toxic so although not advised should pose no harm if accidentally chewed or eaten by your furry friends.

Also Known As

Ballroom Plant; Iron Plant; Bar room Plant

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