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A Guide to Creating the Right Climate for Your Plants

​​Getting the climate right is key to a thriving plant. Many of the plants that are common to our homes are native to tropical or subtropical regions and therefore prefer warm and humid conditions. The closer you match your plant to its native climate, the more it will thrive!

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Climate Conditions for Plants to Grow Indoors

Types of Indoor Plants That Like Direct Sunlight

​​Succulents and Cacti, many of which are native to deserts, often prefer less water and are indoor plants that like direct sunlight in high quantities. Some of these plants include:

Snake Plant Zeylanica

With sword-like leaves, this type of succulent is invincible and can tolerate a range of varying conditions (although my favourite is bright sunlight). These easy-care plants are superb house buddies.

Aloe Vera

A succulent with magical healing abilities and striking fleshy leaves, Aloe Vera are indoor plants that like direct sunlight and are a great, air-purifying, windowsill plant.

Bunny Ear Cactus

The ultimate low-maintenance indoor plant, Cacti love bright sunlight. Water these sparingly and they'll do the rest!


A sun-loving tree that will add tropical vibes to your home. The sun stimulates the Yucca's growth and enhances their thick, woody stems and luscious, long green leaves.

Bird of Paradise

A plant that loves to soak up those sunny rays. Their large, paddle-shaped leaves and thin stems make the Bird of Paradise a stand-out piece for your home.

Bird of Paradise White 1

Bird of Paradise

Indoor Plants That Grow Well in Shade

Many house plants originate from tropical, jungle and forest environments, once growing from the ground or beneath tree canopy such as epiphytes. This means such plants are used to shadier spots and low light areas. These can make great indoor plants that grow well in shade.

Some of these shade thriving plants include:

Peace Lily

With glossy green leaves and piercing white flowers, Peace Lily's are a perfect addition to your home. These plants are good at tolerating shade and love humidity.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Fall in love with their heart-shaped leaves, the Heart-leaf Philodendron is a deep green colour and are a stunning accent in a shady indoor space. They also love humidity and are good for air purification.

Leopard Lily

These plants are a crowd-pleasing statement with their splashes of cream and large leaves. Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow's are shade thriving plants that make a great addition to your living room.

Asparagus Fern

An almost miniature tree aesthetic, the Asparagus Fern have soft, feathery foliage and wiry stems. Despite the name they are not actually Ferns, however share the same characteristic of indoor plants that grow well in shade and enjoy humid environments.

English Ivy

English Ivy has beautiful, variegated leaves that trail and hangs down. Native to England, these are naturally shade thriving plants and are great for cooler, indoor spaces.

English Ivy Variegated 1

English Ivy

The Best Temperatures for Plants to Grow Indoors

​​Most indoor plants are happy with temperatures around 15-25°C so the average home temperature range of around 18-21°C fits perfectly within this.

​​However, within our homes, there can be large temperature fluctuations in specific areas such as:

  • ​​Draughty hallways and doors
  • ​​Heat sources such as radiators and fires
  • Windowsills
  • ​​Plants positioned higher up where heat rises

The best place to position your indoor plants is away from areas where temperature fluctuate a lot.

Humidity Factors for Plants to Grow Indoors

​​While the average temperature of our homes is pretty supportive for most indoor plants, the humidity level tends to be insufficient.

​​For example, the average year-round level of humidity in the Amazon rainforest is about 80% compared with about 40% for the average home.

​​​​Therefore many indoor plants will appreciate extra humidity. Some ways to improve humidity include:​​

Climate full

1. Keeping plants with higher humidity requirements in steamy kitchens and bathrooms

2. Regular misting

3. Placing your plant on a tray of pebbles filled with water

4. Using a humidifier.

5. Bunching plants together that have similar care requirements.

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