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A Guide to Sunlight for Plants

Light is essential to all life, including plants. Too much light can lead to burnt and crispy leaves and not enough can lead to wilting plants. Make sure you get the light right with this guide to sunlight for plants.

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Everything you need to know about Sunlight for Plants

Light is essential to all life, including plants.

Plants create energy through a process called photosynthesis – a chemical reaction that combines water, CO2 and light. Plants trap light with their leaves and then use this energy to turn CO2 and water into glucose. So getting the right level of light is essential for your plant to be as healthy and happy as possible.

How much light does my plant need?

All plants have different light requirements and the exact amount of light your plant needs is shown on the product page. When thinking about adding a plant to your collection, consider how much light your home gets, the location your new plant will be in and what season we are currently in. The season will affect the amount of light your home will get, and this will clearly alter the amount of sunlight your plant will receive. In addition, please see below our golden rules for getting sunlight for plants right

The different types of sunlight for plants & how they thrive in them

We think it's simplest to split light conditions into 3 categories – and on each product page we explain which light conditions will let your plant thrive:


These are indoor plants that love the direct sunlight (including some direct afternoon sun); think close to a window in a south-facing room.

Our Popular Sun Loving Plants

Aloe Vera
The Aloe Vera plant is a world-renowned succulent with magical healing abilities and striking fleshy leaves that loves to bask in the sunlight. A low maintenance plant- perfect for beginners.

Bird of Paradise
Our Bird of Paradise plant is known for its paddle leaves and long stems that thrive in direct sunlight!


Plants that like bright indirect light; most plants are in this category, avoid direct afternoon sun but some direct morning or late evening sunshine is okay.

Our Popular Indirect Sunlight Plants

Blue Star Fern
A blue star fern is a great plant for any beginner, this plant is low maintenance and likes to settle in low light.

Bonsai Ficus Ginseng
This plant is known for its big roots that appear above the soil. The striking bonsai looks best when away from direct light but enjoys the humidity!

Calathea Triostar
If you love a challenge, looking after a calathea triostar should be on your list. Although tricky to look after, this plant is beautiful when left to enjoy indirect sunlight.


Plants that like being in light shade, so towards the back of a south-facing room, or closer to windows in a room that doesn't get much direct sunshine

Our Popular Plants that thrive in the Shade

Cast Iron Plant
A Cast Iron plant will love you if you place them in a shady area. Watch its beautiful green leaves flourish- only water this plant when its soil is dry.

Cast iron 1

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is native to South America and it will certainly bring tropical vibes to your home. This plant loves light shade and moderate humidity.

Peace Lilly 1

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Our Heart Leaf Philodendron is the perfect plant to place in hanging pots around your home. This plant prefers lightly shaded areas and moist soil in the warmer months.

Heartleaf Philodendron Hanging 1

Our golden rules on sunlight for plants

1. Consider the light conditions in your home

Choose plants based on the light conditions in your home - if you want to buy a plant for a specific location in your house, think about the light conditions where you want it to live

2. Always cater to your plants' sunlight needs

Most plants will do well in filtered sun or light shade - the vast majority of plants will be happy in either filtered sun or light shade. Although some may slightly prefer a sunnier shadier spot, most should be healthy and happy if the climate and temperature is right.

3. React to what your plant is telling you

Too much sun: the soil will become baked, the leaves dry and brown with scorched patches

Too little sun: your plant will lean towards the light, leaves will droop and stems will be weak and break off.

4. Clean your plant's leaves

If your plant is showing symptoms of not getting enough light, one reason could be because there is a layer of dust on the leaves blocking the light from being absorbed. Every few weeks, gently wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to allow more of the energy from the light to get into the plant.

5. Consider the current season

Take account of variations in light over different seasons - the bright, hot summer sun (hopefully!) may be too intense for some plants, so you may need to move them away from the window. But in winter, plants may be comfortable sitting in the cooler sun all day. Worth bearing in mind.

Over to you... Shop Our Indoor Plant Range Online

We hope our guide on sunlight for plants has helped you in knowing what different types of light conditions suit different plants. If you would like to know any more information, please get in touch with us here - our team is always happy to help!

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