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Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

Written by James, Plant Lover

Not only have houseplants been proven to reduce street, anxiety and improve the air quality in your home but they can also help you sleep better too. That's why in this blog we have put together the best bedroom plants for better sleep to help you drift off and recharge your batteries.

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Houseplants that help you sleep explained

During photosynthesis (the process of plants using water, light, and carbon dioxide to create oxygen and energy), plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. In fact, plants capture a total of around 25% of all carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels.

The majority of plants carry out their photosynthesis process during the daytime (when sunlight is present), absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Plants also emit a small amount of CO2 during the day and night as part of their cellular respiration.

However, about 5-10% of plants follow a different photosynthesis process called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). CAM is a photosynthetic adaptation to periodic or restricted water supply and tends to occur in plants native to arid desert regions such as Cacti and Succulents or in plants that grow on trees such as tropical epiphytes (Orchids and Bromeliads). CAM plants close their stomata (the pores that allow gas exchange) during the day and open them at night when cooler temperatures help to minimise water evaporation.

The 7 Best Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

As CAM plants photosynthesize and emit oxygen at night time they make perfect bedroom plants for better sleep. Here are a list of best bedroom plants for better sleep:

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1. Aloe Vera

This succulent plant is a bit of a wonder as it photosynthesizes and produces oxygen at night, purifies the air by breaking down harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), and the gel stored in its leaves can help to treat skin conditions. A must have plant for every bedroom.

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2. Agave

Not only can this amazing plant claim credit for giving us tequila but it creates oxygen at night too. The perfect friend to create the oxygen you need to recover from a tequila fuelled Saturday night.

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3. Snake Plants

These incredible succulent plants come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Such as; Snake Plant Zeylanica, Snake Plant Laurentii and Snake Plant Cylindrical.

Snake plants are incredibly hardy, excellent at removing toxins from the air and one of the easiest plants to look after making it a favourite best bedroom plant for better sleep. Another bedroom essential.

1 Best Plants for a Better Nights Sleep 5

4. Areca Palm

Native to Madagascar these beautiful arching palms, with the nickname butterfly palm, are also experts at cleaning the air by breaking down toxic compounds and producing oxygen at night. They also love a corner spot out of the direct sun.

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5. Orchids

Epithetic orchids such as our Moth Orchid are non-parasitic plants that live on other trees but absorb their water and nutrients from the rain and air.

With their beautiful and long-lasting blooms, they make great gifts and are perfect for the bedroom as they release oxygen right through the night.

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6. Jade Plant

Jade plants are cute succulents and are another plant that produces oxygen at night making it the perfect bedroom friend.

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7. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are another quasi succulent plant native to East Africa, it is a drought-tolerant plant that stores water in its thick stems. As another plant trying to conserve water in hot climes, it also follows the CAM photosynthesis process and thus produces oxygen at night.

Other bedroom tips to improve your quality of sleep

As well as introducing houseplants, there are plenty of other things that can be done to help turn your bedroom into a calming oasis and promote a better nights sleep. These include decluttering, selecting the right paint colours for its walls and even turning the temperature dial down a notch.

Find your Next Addition to your Bedroom Today

Other plants that follow the more usual photosynthesis process and don’t release oxygen at night can still make great bedroom plants. Don’t worry, the lack of oxygen output at night will not make a material difference to the level of oxygen in your room, and many of these plants are also superstars at filtering the air by breaking down the harmful man-made and organic compounds and fungi.

If you are looking for a trailing plant that’s perfect to help you sleep better you can try these air-purifying powerhouses:

Or if you are looking for a table or floor standing plant you could try these heavyweights:

If that’s not enough, one final bedroom plant that we think makes one of the best bedroom plants for better sleep is lavender. This heavenly scented plant has been proven to combat insomnia, increase slow-wave sleep which is instrumental for slowing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles.

You can view our full range of bedroom plants here.

Written by James Folger, Founder of The Stem

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