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Best Feng Shui Plants for Good Fortune

Written by James, Plant Lover

We already know that houseplants can really improve our health and clean the air, but what about improving our fortune and prosperity too? According to the pros, Feng Shui plants hold a lot of spiritual power and create an inviting space for you and visitors.

15 Best Feng Shui Plants for Good Fortune 1

For a bit of background, Feng Shiu is an ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to harmonise interior spaces, paying attention to the right balance and position of various elements (wood, water, fire, earth, metal) and materials (such as furniture and belongings) in the house. Whilst in the West, we conceptualise our space in functional or in aesthetic terms, Feng Shui helps to provide a spiritual perspective to interior space and design ideas.

How Feng Shui Plants Bring Positive Energy into the Home

Have you ever felt walking into a home, a certain ambience; perhaps a peaceful aura when you’re in a tidy and clean house, or a disordered atmosphere if there’s clutter everywhere? Well, Feng Shui addresses this. It’s about getting good vibes in your home by paying attention to the position of things, including your plants, and having an awareness of how they can affect the energy in your home - and we’re totally for that.

It’s no surprise that celebrities such as Gwenith Paltrow, Johnny Depp and Oprah Winfrey have tapped into the magic of Feng Shui to ensure their homes are not only beautiful but spiritually refined spaces. Clearly, Hollywood’s elite must be onto something and it wouldn’t hurt to bring some Feng Shui plants into our lives too.

It’s no wonder that tidying your room is always so uplifting, once you’ve finally made your space lovely again you always feel better - and there’s research to prove that - hence creating a space that gives off good energy is simply a great way to live your best life. Given we’re all spending so much more time from home now, creating a beautiful and simple space to relax and thrive in is vital.

4 Feng Shui Plants that Bring Good Fortune

The cool thing about Feng Shui is that by following its principles you can encourage more prosperity in your life. Feng Shui focuses on five key elements; wood, earth, metal, water, and fire. Each element brings out different aspects and can encourage growth in certain areas of your life.

Wood for example can encourage personal growth and good fortune. And guess what? Feng Shui plants are a great representation of the wood element. So for more prosperity, you can feel confident that investing in plants will be the feng-shui route to success. Who said money didn’t grow on trees?

1. The Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides)

The Chinese Money Plant, sometimes even known as the Feng Shui Money Plant, is a classic Asian symbol of peace and good luck and is chiefly known as a plant – as it says on the tin – for bringing home the bacon. The money plant hails from the mountainous region of Yunnan in China; an area of mystic mountains and forests that evoke zen-like wisdom and clarity. Outside of the good fortune that the money plant can bring, they also have lovely-to-look-at rounded leaves and a beautiful green hue. The Chinese Money Plant is one of our best sellers and is a great first time buy for any soon-to-be indoor horticulturalists.

Chinese Money Plant 2

2. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The Peace Lily is well-known as a healing plant that can freshen and detoxify the air. In Feng Shui, the Peace Lily is also known to convert negative energy to positive energy, and this could be a great plant to have in your home, especially in your home office. Your Peace Lily could be your spiritual anchor to get you ready for the dreaded start-of-the-week zoom call. The Peace Lily likes partial light and to be watered around once a week.

Peace Lilly 2

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe is certainly a wonderful plant and it’s no surprise Aloe is also touted as a great Feng Shui plant for creating a harmonious and peaceful energy in your home. Aloe has a healing energy and it’s said in Feng Shui that upwards pointing objects symbolise growth and are much better for houses than downwards facing objects. Aloe does like a lot of sunlight but doesn’t want to be over-watered.

Aloe Vera 3

4. Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

The South African Jade Plant, similar in appearance to the Money Plant, is a cute looking succulent and easy to take care of. In Feng Shui, the Jade Plant is said to bring good fortune as its leaves somewhat resemble coins. Hence shops and many Chinese restaurants often have Jade Plants placed at the entrance. Jade can also be a great house-warming gift for your friends.

Jade Plant 4

Fill your Home with Feng Shui Plants

It’s worth noting that most plants will act as great Feng Shui plants by increasing the positive energy or ‘chi’ in your home. That said, it’s also important to make sure that all your plants are vibrant and healthy, as tired or dying plants can bring a loss of energy instead. Feng Shui allows for all rooms to have plants, apart from the bedroom. Perhaps there’s enough magic in there already?

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