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16 Instagram Accounts Giving Us Plant Envy

Written by Jenny, Contributor

Plant envy is real and social media fuels it like nothing else. On the one hand, I want to fill my Instagram feed with accounts that are #PlantGoals, but on the other hand, I feel guilty every time I see someone with a thriving fiddle leaf fig when mine is hanging on for dear life.

Instagram accounts giving plant envy1

Turn that plant envy into plant inspo

All jokes aside (my fiddle leaf fig is fine, for now), Instagram is a goldmine for indoor plant advice and finding out which ones will look best in your home. So whether you’re a cacti-lover or more of a #MonsteraMonday type, there’s an Instagrammer out there to suit your taste.

Instagram accounts with dreamy urban jungles

If you’ve put yourself on a houseplant buying ban, I’d look away now and come back later. But if you have the willpower, feel free to read on. We have put together a series of Instagram accounts that seriously know how to spruce up their space with a bit of leafy foliage.

Plant envy5

1. @Plantastic_mr_fox

Stu is an interior designer and biophilic design consultant, which explains why his home is such a dreamy plant utopia. His plant collection is impressive, to say the least, especially this colossal bird of paradise.

Plant envy2

2. @Thegardensofgaia

Georgette does not only showcase her gorgeous plants but also shares tips and tricks for how to take care of them. This kentia palm is as vibrant and healthy as they come!

Plant envy9

3. @Home_jim_home

Jimmy’s home is proof that hanging plants make everything look so cosy and chic. He truly has the home jungle of dreams. I mean, look at how tall and beautiful this money tree is?

Plant envy8

4. @Tribeandus

We cannot get over how impressive Kate’s cacti collection is. If you love the dry climate vibe as much as she does, check out these plants: desert cactus, cowboy cactus and cowboy cactus variegated.

Plant envy3

5. @Jaysjunglegram

Jay’s feed is packed full of lush foliage, from calathea orbifolia to philodendron mayo. If you have an appreciation for great photography and gorgeous leaves, then you’ll love this account.

Plant envy7

6. @Alina.fassakhova

Alina’s account features her incredible abstract art entwined with shots of her plant paradise. Look at all of those broad, shiny leaves!

Plant envy6

7. @Heartzeenahome

We challenge you to scroll through Zeena’s account and not feel instantly uplifted. Her home is like a little slice of pink and green heaven. You’ll find elegant parlour palms, bird of paradise plants, and trailing golden pothos’ and more.

Plant envy4

8. @Bintabuheh

Noor’s account is full of peaceful shots of her modern interior, perfectly positioned plants, and interior psychology tips. She proves that every room can be improved by a plant or two, just like the money tree and calathea in her dining room.

Even more accounts giving us plant envy

Honourable mention goes to these stunning Instagram feeds that are bound to be just as influential on your plant wishlists.


Cute babies + plants = perfection. Natasha’s account is brimming with family content and snapshots of her boho home filled with plants.


Jamie’s home is the literal definition of an urban jungle. And proof that you can never have too many plants.


Emma’s feed is a joyous collection of stunning leaves, from arrowhead-shaped alocasia to heart-shaped philodendron verrucosum.


If you have an appreciation for perfectly curated feeds, take a look at Ron’s heavenly account. His apartment is a serene escape with reams of natural lighting and just enough lush greenery dotted around.

@Hilton Carter

Hilton’s account will introduce you to a whole bunch of plants as well as advice on how to care for them. He has somehow found the perfect balance between wild and curated in his home.

@Bamaluz Home

If you’re a sucker for cat content, then Elle’s beautiful plant account is perfect for you. Her home is the most wonderful inspiration for mid-century modern design, and there are vibrant plants in almost every nook and cranny, from pileas to snake plants.


Fullyplanted is a plant enthusiast’s paradise. It serves as great inspiration for styling your own houseplants as it features various spaces densely-packed with vibrant, leafy foliage.


Saavan and Kristin capture the most calming and stylish shots of plants you have ever seen.

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