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Best Plants to Give for Valentine’s Day

Written by James, Plant Lover

When it comes to buying the perfect Valentine's day gift, we've got just the thing. A houseplant might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about romantic surprises. However, they actually make fantastic gifts that can become a symbol for your love - something that is continually growing, changing, and adapting - but is so worth the care and attention it requires.

Valentines gifting peace lily

Give the Gift That Keeps on Growing with Our Selection of Valentine’s Day Plants!

If you want to show your partner how much they mean to you, why not ditch the cheesy card and box of chocolates, and browse our collection of stunning houseplants that make ideal Valentine's day gifts instead? From ones with gorgeous scents to those traditionally associated with love, seduction, and romance, whichever way you want to say 'I love you,' on Valentine's day, we've got the perfect houseplant for you. Discover our range of the best plants to give for Valentines Day below.

11 Best Plants to Give For Valentine’s Day

Peace Lily

Having a peaceful, harmonious relationship is something we'd all love, right? A Peace Lily is an excellent gift for those who have more of a fiery relationship! Aside from peace, these striking plants are associated with purity, prosperity, and sympathy. Peace lilies don't require too much care, and their unique white flowers will look great in any room.

Peace Lilly 2 copy

Flowering Orchids

Orchids are a symbol of love, strength and beauty, they never disappoint! Our range of orchids are available in a variety of colours including purple, pink and white; all the perfect colours for Valentine’s Day. Easy to look after, pet friendly and stunning- what more can you ask for in a plant?

Moth Orchid Purple 4 copy

Valentine’s Day Bouquet

The perfect way to make a romantic gesture this year, an everlasting bouquet for an everlasting romance! Our dried flower bunch features elegant red stems mixed with dried deep-red roses and delicate bunny tails. This bouquet is perfect for anyone who loves being spoilt on Valentine’s Day, and for people who have vases are in need of filling!

Valentines Bouquet 6 0303 copy

Red Cordyline

Stray from the ordinary and choose a Red Cordyline. The Red Cordyline is a small palm-like evergreen shrub and has a bit of everything. Its bright red leaves really make an impact and are perfectly matched with the traditional colours of love and romance. What's even better is that as the plants develop, they'll produce tall white flower stalks that rise above the plant and gives off a lovely delicate scent.

Red Chinese Evergreen 1 copy

Heart Leaf Philodendron Hanging

The Heart Leaf Philodendron or Philodendron Scandens is an attractive tropical vine boasting heart-shaped leaves. Since the heart shape is a common symbol associated with love, this makes this plant ideal to give to your partner or loved one on Valentine's day. Bonuses include it being super easy to care for and a brilliant air purifier too!

Heartleaf Philodendron Hanging 1 copy

Bonsai Money Tree

The Bonsai Money Tree not only looks fantastic but is also supposed to bring wealth and prosperity to the owner. Bestowing good fortune upon your partner by giving them the tree as a thoughtful Valentine's day gift is sure to earn you lots of brownie points, and with any luck, they'll share the wealth if they do strike gold!

Bonsai Money Tree 4 copy

Flamingo Flower - Pink

The Flamingo Flower is a stunning indoor plant that rewards its caregiver greatly with gorgeous pink heart-shaped leaves boasting yellow spikes that sit atop dark green foliage. The long-lasting blooms of the Flamingo flower are a joy to behold and make it a superior and more eco-friendly alternative to replace cut flowers.

Flamingo Flower Pink 4 copy

Scarlet Star

The Scarlet Star or Guzmania is another vibrant tropical plant with breathtaking glossy green leaves and a show-stopping tangerine orange star-shaped flower in its centre. It's the perfect gift to give the star that lights up your life and is another plant that flowers for a long time, meaning you can ditch the bouquet and present this as a fantastic Valentine's day alternative instead!

Scarlet Star 1 copy

Living Pink Roses

Who says pink roses are cliche? We clearly disagree as our living pink rose plant is the ultimate gift for anyone who enjoys looking after a flowering beauty. These roses can live in multiple places around the home, especially on a sunny windowsill in the kitchen for a pop of pink! This plant can last up to years compared to traditional, cut roses.

Living Roses Pink 1 0014 copy

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Plants for Plant Lovers

The above is just a selection of the best plants to give for Valentines Day this year here at The Stem. So if you want to give the gift that keeps on growing this Valentine's day, why not have a browse and buy today? Discover our full range of flowers and foliage, perfect for Valentine’ Day today.

Not sure what kind of plant might make your partner swoon? No worries! Our passionate plant-loving team is here to help. Just get in touch, and we'll help you find the ideal plant to show how much you care.

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