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8 Garden Trends From Chelsea Flower Show To Try At Home

Written by Jenny, Contributor

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the fashion week of gardening. It always comes through with showcasing the hottest new garden design trends, and this year was no different. The spring show returned from its two-year absence with a bang.


Get inspiration from the Chelsea Flower Show’s best new gardening trends

Whether you have a sweeping landscape of a garden or a quaint space, you can still take inspiration from the following trends and make them your own. We spotted so many interesting designs this year that are certain to pull you out of a gardening creativity slump.

Recreate this year’s hottest trends to take your garden to the next level

From perfect symmetry to harnessing your wild side, the 2022 Chelsea Flower Show seriously delivered the goods, so we have rounded up some of our highlights for you to use in your own outdoor space.


1. Secluded & sheltered sanctuaries

Our gardens have the potential to be a space for serenity, escape and connecting with nature, and designers Tony Woods and Michelle Brown both leaned into this. A Garden Sanctuary by Hamptons created a tranquil setting for meditation and seclusion. In contrast, Kingston Maurward The Space Within Garden created a sheltered space inspired by a childhood den. Plants that would work well within this theme: Japanese holly, English lavender, fargesia bamboo, olive tree, and bay tree.


2. Symmetry & repetition

Symmetry and repetition are common themes found in formal gardens, and they help create flow and unity. The Perennial Garden With Love uses both of these themes to achieve a classical, contemporary design that’s both calming and eye-catching. Plants that would work well within this theme: hydrangea blue and bougainvillea alexandra trellis.


3. Walk on the wild side

Rewilding is a term you’ve likely seen floating around over the past few years. It’s a progressive approach to conservation that’s often applied to large outdoor areas like national parks. However, it can also be applied to our very own tiny green spaces, as Lulu Urquhart and Adam Hunt display in their flourishing garden A Rewilding Britain Landscape.


4. Big & bold designs

Using plants native to India, China and more, The Boodles Travel Garden is a global garden at its finest. This bold design takes inspiration from Anthony Wainwright’s ambitious travels around the world. Creating your own travel garden is a bold undertaking, but anyone can make it happen with the right plants and a little bit of knowledge. Plants that would work well within this theme: fatsia japonica, Chinese silver grass, lemon tree and chilli plant.


5. Pastel paradise

Pastel shades were a big trend this year at the flower show. They evoke calmness and peace, which is perfect if you’re creating a relaxing retreat. The RNLI Garden, Morris & Co., and Kingston Maurward The Space Within Gardens all achieve that soft-toned serenity perfectly, and you can too. Adding pastel hues to an outdoor space is such an accessible trend to pull off.


6. Wellness haven

Gardens are perfect places for winding down and clearing your head, and the Place2Be Securing Tomorrow Garden and The Mind Garden are exceptional examples of this. Using natural materials, soft tones, and water features can help when creating your own wellness garden, as well as a seating area where you can truly appreciate the nature around you.


7. Statuesque white alliums

Alliums are versatile plants that work well with many other perennials, especially in a cottage garden. The Stitchers’ Garden uses white alliums to add height to the space and follows the theme of soft, pale hues.


8. Sustainability

Many of us strive to have an eco garden, but it can be daunting to know where to begin. The key is to work with nature rather than against it, just as the MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future garden has achieved, which has a feature building constructed using sustainable and innovative wood-based panel products. There are many other ways to be sustainable in the garden; for example, the Guangzhou China: Guangzhou Garden features plants that clean the water and air, a pool of water for wildlife and shelters for humans and wildlife.

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