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7 Of The Best Cat Safe Indoor Plants

Written by Angelica, Social Media Manager

Pet-free folks will never truly understand the struggle of wrestling with a cat to keep them from nibbling on your houseplants. Despite our feline friends being hardcore carnivores, there’s something about our potted plants that they find weirdly enticing.

The Best Cat Safe Indoor Plants1

Choosing Cat Safe Indoor Plants

As both cat and plant parents, we’re faced with constant dilemmas about whether to risk buying a plant that’s potentially dangerous to our four-legged companions. Take our advice: it’s not worth it. If you have a free-roaming animal in the house, there’s always a chance that they’ll find their way to the tasty greenery.

But do not fret. There are a bunch of cat safe indoor plants that you can add to your ever-growing collection. You can still live your best life and make your home a heavenly, leafy paradise.

The Best Cat Safe Indoor Plants2

1. Spider Plant

Spider plants are classic, fuss-free houseplants. They’re (nearly) unkillable, affordable, and cat-safe. So if you’re the kind of person that struggles to remember when to hydrate yourself, let alone a plant, you and a spider plant will get along just fine. These plants prefer to be in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight, but they will tolerate a shady dwelling, too. Spider plants also produce baby plants that dangle alongside the leaves, and these can be used to make more spider plants (aka propagation), which means you can pass on the plant love to your besties without spending a penny.

Chinese Money Plant 1

2. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plants (aka Pilea Peperomioides) always look like they’ve hopped straight out of a Pinterest mood board. They’re unique plants with bold, circular leaves that resemble pancakes. And just like pancakes, these plants should pose no harm to your feline friends if consumed (though it’s still not advised). They prefer to be in a bright room but away from direct sunlight to prevent scorching the leaves. One of the best things about Chinese money plants is that babies will sprout up from the soil, which you can gently remove and use to grow more plants (aka propagation).

Money Tree 2

3. Money Tree

Say hello to the plant that you didn’t know you needed in your life. The money tree (aka ​​Pachira Aquatica) is believed to be a symbol of good fortune and prosperity–and it’s fortunately cat-safe as well. The braided trunk and umbrella-like leaves make this a gorgeous statement plant that will give your home a stylish, tropical feel. Money trees also like bright, indirect sunlight and some extra humidity.

The Best Cat Safe Indoor Plants3

4. Areca Palm

The areca palm is one of the most popular palm houseplants, and with good reason. If elegance and timelessness is your thing, then this is exactly what you need. The areca palm loves sunny spots, such as an east or west-facing window. It’s also a humidity lover, so you can either place it in a room with plenty of moisture (such as the bathroom) or regularly mist it. Another way to give humidity-loving plants what they want is to place them on a tray filled with pebbles and topped up with water. Despite many palms being a no-go for cats, the areca is non-toxic!

Calathea Orbifolia 1

5. Calathea Orbifolia

Reach your plant goals by adding this unbelievably gorgeous calathea orbifolia to your ever-growing collection. This funky fellow is a member of the Marantaceae family, which are often called Prayer Plants because of their folding leaves that close at night and open in the morning. The calathea orbifolia’s broad, striped leaves make this tropical plant the perfect statement piece for any room in your home. It prefers to be placed in a bright spot that doesn’t receive direct sunlight and loves high humidity, which you can achieve by keeping the soil moist and misting the leaves regularly. Not only is this plant exceptionally attractive, but your cats will be safe around it, too (and your Instagram feed will be blessed).

Boston Fern 8 0248

6. Boston Fern

The boston fern is a cute, bushy plant with eye-catching sword-shaped leaves (hence the nickname Sword Fern). It’s one of the easiest ferns to look after but still likes attention and will flourish under proper care. Boston ferns are fond of warmth and humidity, making them the perfect additions to kitchens and bathrooms. Despite the leaves’ jagged, sharp appearance, this plant is cat-safe!

Kentia Palm 1

7. Kentia Palm

Kentia palms are elegant, stylish, and surprisingly hardy. This graceful plant will purify the air in your home, tolerate neglect, and adapt to a wide range of conditions. Although it will survive in a shady spot, it thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. This palm also likes to keep its soft, feathery leaves fresh, so it benefits from regular dusting and misting to keep up its pretty reputation. Like most other palms, its light fronds tend to catch the attention of curious animals, but this plant should pose no threat to pets if eaten.

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