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How to Propagate a Money Plant

Written by Angelica, Social Media Manager

Propagating a Chinese Money plant is a great way of making your investment work for you! A Chinese Money Plant is a lovely little plant with gorgeous disc-shaped green leaves. It’s relatively easy to care for and looks great in any room of the house.

Chinese Money plants are thought to bring prosperity and good luck. So why not pass this fortune on to your nearest and dearest by propagating your money plant? You could even bring even more of the benefits of the plant into your home by multiplying your collection time and time again? Find out below how to propagate a money plant.

Propagation 1

Step By Step Guide on How to Propagate a Money Plant

Fortunately, the money plant is fairly easy to propagate, so you should find the process straightforward even if you have never attempted this before.

Chinese Money Plant propagation can be achieved by separating plantlets from the rhizome or stem of the parent plant. These can be propagated in water or planted directly in the soil in a small pot or egg carton. Bright, indirect light, high humidity, and lightly moist conditions will help your plantlets establish themselves and thrive. Once the plant has grown bigger, you can transfer it to a larger pot.

​​Here are the steps on how to propagate a money plant to successfully grow new plants from your cuttings.

Propagation 2

Step 1: Separate From the Parent Plant

The first step in propagating your plant is to separate the plantlets from the parent plant. Then you can begin the propagation process by placing the stem in some water, or it can be planted directly into the soil. Either way, you need to wait for the plant to establish its new roots and begin to grow bigger and stronger.

Propagation 3

Step 2: Create the Right Conditions

Your new plant will be vulnerable and delicate in its infancy, so you need to ensure you create the right conditions for it to grow on successfully. Ensure that your cutting is placed somewhere with high humidity and plenty of sunlight access. Keep the soil lightly moist, but don’t flood it. Doing this will help the platelets establish themselves and begin to grow.


Step 3: Choose your Propagation Point

At the Roots

Once you’ve noticed the plantlets growing, you can remove these from the mother plant, but you must do so carefully. You need to try and detangle these delicate roots from the main plant without damaging either root system. By gently digging into the soil around the baby plant you should be able to ease it out. Otherwise, take the entire plant out of its pot for easy access to the roots.

When cutting from the base of the stem make sure you make a cut around an inch from the bottom and that a section of the roots and rhizome remains. Remember, the baby plants need their own root system to survive. Once planted, they should develop new roots and leaves within a few weeks.

From the Stem

Also known as pups, or stem offsets, the new plantlets growing from the mother plant’s stem can be removed once they have grown large enough to survive on their own. To do this, take a sharp knife and gently cut the stem offsets away. Because they will not have their root system, you must wait for one to develop by placing these offsets in water or soil. If using water, wait until the roots are over an inch long before planting - this should take around 2-4 weeks. If you plant directly into the soil, the appearance of new leaves will indicate that a new root system has developed.

Main Stem Propagation

Lastly, it is possible to propagate from the main stem. This can often be the fastest root to plant propagation. It is a good option if your main plant has become a little unwieldy as it will reduce it back to a more manageable size. Using this method, you simply cut the main stem, place the cutting in water or soil and wait for the new root system to establish.

Propagation 5

Money Plant Propagation After Care Tips

After you’ve learnt how to propagate your money plant successfully, you now need to care for it. To ensure your baby plants thrive, make sure you:

  • Find a nursery pot with drainage holes at the bottom that isn't too much bigger than your offcut. Choosing the right size pot is important - too big, and you risk overwatering.

  • Add a couple of inches of well-draining houseplant compost using a soil scoop to the bottom of your nursery pot.

  • Carefully place your offcut on top of the soil and apply more soil around the cutting. Gently pat the soil making sure it isn't too compact as you want the water to pass through the soil easily.

  • Add coarse sand of gravel to improve drainage further is a good idea as you don’t want the roots to rot.

  • Re-pot gradually until your plant is healthy and well-established.

Chinese money plants love bright, indirect light but don’t overdo it as excessive sunlight could damage delicate new leaves. They also love humidity, so a sunny, humid spot like a bathroom window will work well. By following these money plant propagation care tips, you should give your new plants the best chance of success.

Propagation 6

Chinese Money Plants from The Stem

If you are looking for a healthy, excellent-quality mother plant to start you off, take a look at the Chinese money plants from The Stem. We pick robust, healthy plants that can be delivered straight to your door. So if you are interested in propagating a Chinese money plant and spreading the wealth, why not take a look at our options today?

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