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Summer Plant Care Tips

As the season's change, so will your plant's needs. This handy guide will give you some top tips to look after your plants throughout the warmest months of the year.​​

Summer plant care tips

Everything you need to know about Summer Plant Care

When summer comes around, your indoor plants may be in need of a little more maintenance and upkeep. Your plants get more thirsty and hot, so we’re here to help you to adjust your plant care routine to make sure your plants thrive when the temperatures soar. Plants like succulents and cacti thrive in the warmer weather, however, it's not all the same story for some. Below you’ll find some tips for summer plant care.

Summer Plant Care Tips

​​The season we all live for. Plants similar to many Brits can get dehydrated and sunburnt, so follow our Golden Rules for Summer plant care tips to help your plant live its best life during the warmer months:.​​

5 Summer Plant Care Tips

1. Hydration

With the longer and warmer days, your plant will need more frequent watering - wilting, or curling leaves are a tell-tale sign of too little water. Mornings or evenings are the best time to water your plant to help minimise water evaporation. You should also boost humidity (except for drought loving plants) by misting and/or bunching your plants together.​​

2. Direct sunlight

If you have plants that were basking in the afternoon Spring sunshine, they may be at risk of burning in the stronger Summer sun. Consider moving your plants somewhere shadier or where they only get morning or late evening rays (cacti are an exception!). Also, to help your plants grow evenly, rotate them once a week, so that sun exposure is equal on each side.​​

3. Careful with air-con

While we love the feeling of walking into a cool air-conditioned room on a hot summer day, your plants won't be quite so grateful. Air-con removes moisture from the air and can lead to fluctuating temperatures, which can cause stress to your plants. Hence, we recommend putting it on a slightly higher temperature (c.20°) and turning it off when you go out (saving a lot of energy in the process, too!).​​

4. ​​Prune

Remove any dying or unnecessary foliage regularly. Dropping foliage is ripe for infections and pesky insects, so it's best to get rid of it before the pests find out!​​

5. ​​Fertiliser

Continue to give your plant the extra nutrients that will help it grow strong and healthy. We recommend fertilising once or twice throughout the summer period.​​

Best Plants to Buy During Summer

1. Rubber Plant ‘Robusta'

The deep burgundy leaves on Rubber Plants make them a stand-out among the deep green of most tropical plants. These plants can grow fast during the summer with good light, watering and feeding. They are also great plants for those who like to travel as they don’t mind drying out a bit between watering, just as long as you give them a thorough soak when you return home.

Rubber Plant Robusta 1

2. Swiss Cheese Plant

During the summer months, a Swiss Cheese Plant can easily grow a dozen new leaves and start to splay out and take over your living room. This plant loves humidity and bright light- all the things that summer brings!

Swiss Cheese Plant 2

3. Green pearl succulent

The Green Pearl Succulent is a beautiful compact plant, with a rosette of pale green leaves and pale pink detail on the tips. This plant loves to soak up the sun as this makes the colours of the leaves more intense. Great for people with rooms that get long periods of sunshine.

Green Pearl 1

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We hope our summer plant care tips have helped you in keeping your plants healthy during the weather changes. If you would like to know any more information, please get in touch with us here - our team is always happy to help!

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