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Spring Plant Care Tips

As the sun returns and the warmer months are on their way, you may seem to notice that your plants’ needs might change. This guide is full of the information you will need to look after your plants as we approach the onset of warmer weather.

Spring plant care tips

Everything you Need to Know about Spring Plant Care

When spring comes around your indoor plants need a little extra TLC. Plants get thirstier and warmer, so you may need to adjust your plant care routine to make sure your plants thrive when the temperatures start to rise. Some low maintenance plants like succulents and cacti thrive in the warmer weather, however, some indoor plants can be trickier to look after during spring. Below you’ll find some tips for spring plant care to keep your plants looking healthy.

​​Spring Plant Care Tips

​​Let's face it; everyone loves Spring, and that includes your plants too. ​​​​In Spring, your plants will come back to life after the dormant Winter period. Spring is an excellent time to step up your plant care routine to set your plants on an upward trajectory through the rest of the year.​​ ​​Find below our spring plant care tips.

1. Watering often is key

As temperatures and sunshine levels soar, your plant will likely want to get back to a more frequent watering schedule. As always, err on the side of caution - check the moisture of the soil before watering and generally, we recommend waiting until the top few inches of soil are dry.​​

2. Less sunlight

If you have moved all of your plants closer to a window to capture the gentler winter sun, be careful that the sun is not too intense for them in Spring and consider moving them back from the window (most succulents and cacti are an exception)​​.

3. Pruning

It's called Spring cleaning for a reason - it's a great time to prune your plant and remove wilted and limp foliage - this will also help to keep your plant pest-free. ​​

4. Repotting

Every 1-2 years, your plant will thank you if you repot it, and Spring is the best time to do this. When you repot, you can move your plant into a larger container, which will give more space for the roots and your plant to grow in size. Even if you don't want to move your plant into a larger container, it is still very beneficial to change the soil to top-up nutrients and keep the air flowing through the soil.​​ For more info on repotting, head to our repotting guide.

5. ​​Fertiliser

As your plant starts growing, adding fertiliser when watering your plants will help to make it strong and healthy - Spring is an excellent time to start adding fertiliser every month or so.​

Best indoor plants to buy in Spring

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are known for their white flowers and vibrant green leaves. While peace lilies are usually a summer plant, you can start preparing yours in spring to make sure it has the best chances of blooming during the Summer.

These flowers are some of the best indoor plants for making your apartment feel fresh, bright, and beautiful.

Peace Lilly 2

2. Pink Moth Orchid

A Pink Moth Orchid is a great way to add some vibrancy and colour to your home during the springtime. Orchids are simple to look after once you know how, they just need some regular pruning, watering and feeding during the spring.

Moth Orchid Pink 4

3. Succulent Mix

Our Succulent Mix adds a touch of green to any room, perfect when celebrating Easter. Succulents are easy to look after, they only need water every so often. This trio also makes for a great gift for anyone celebrating their birthday in spring.

Succulent Mix 1

Over to you... Shop Our Indoor Plant Range Online

We hope our spring plant care tips have helped you in keeping your plants healthy during the weather changes. If you would like to know any more information, please get in touch with us here - our team is always happy to help!

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