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Autumn and Fall Plant Care Tips

As the season's change, so will your indoor plant's needs. This handy guide will give you some top tips to look after your indoor plants throughout the onset of colder temperatures.

Autumn plant care guide

Everything you Need to Know About Fall Plant Care

Indoor plants can be affected by the temperature changes that come along with the colder months. This guide for fall plant care will help you to adjust your plant care routine to keep your plants healthy all year round.

Autumn / Fall Plant Care Tips

​​The season of gold, yellow and red leaves and dappled sunshine. Autumn is a relatively demanding season for plant care with large temperature fluctuations as the sun sets each day and changing light angles. Follow our 6 fall plant care tips golden rules below to ensure your plants are in tip-top condition throughout Autumn.​​

6 Fall Plant Care Tips

1. Sun Light Matters

As the Earth turns slightly away from the sun, this can dramatically change how much and from what angle natural light enters a room, so make sure you reposition your plants so that they continue to get the optimal amount of light​​.

2. ​​Less water is needed

Your plants will need less water as the temperature and amount of sunlight they are getting drops. Continue to check the moisture of the soil with the finger dip test before watering, but expect to water your plants less frequently than in summer.​​

3. ​​Increase humidity

Humidity levels tend to drop in Autumn, and as the majority of indoor plants come from tropical areas, they will appreciate extra humidity, misting and bunching are great techniques!​

4. No fertiliser

As your plants' growth dramatically slows and they start preparing for their winter hibernation, fertiliser is unnecessary, so focus on the basics.​​

5. Foliage dieback

Don't be alarmed, but your plant may begin to drop leaves as it adjusts to the cooler temperatures and lower light levels. This is a normal part of your plants' life cycle, so don't panic and make sure that the water, temperature, and light levels are giving your plant the conditions it needs to thrive and survive. ​​

6. Last chance to repot

If your plant seems to be bursting out of its nursery pot following Spring and summer of budding growth, then this is your last chance to repot before Spring next year.​​

Best Indoor Plants to Buy During Autumn & Fall

English Ivy Variegated 1

1. English Ivy

An English Ivy is known for having air purification qualities which is perfect for when the windows aren’t open as much during the colder months. An ivy looks great when trailing over a shelf or in a hanging pot, you can add fairy lights to this plant to create a cosy feel on a chilly Autumn evening.

ZZ Plant 2

2. ZZ Plant

A ZZ Plant is a great choice as they prefer mainly low light and they are easy to look after. They need little water and when buying this plant in Fall, you won’t need to repot for a while.

Snake Plant Laurentii 3

3. Snake Plants

A Snake Plant can cope in most types of light and is extremely easy to care for. The vibrancy of the leaves are a great accent colour to add to your home during Fall and Autumn.

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We hope our Fall plant care tips have helped you in keeping your plants healthy during the weather changes. If you would like to know any more information, please get in touch with us here - our team is always happy to help!

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