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Green Pearl
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Green Pearl Succulent

Plant height
11cm pot
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The Green Pearl or Echeveria is a succulent plant with beautiful, pale blue green fleshy leaf rosettes. Echeveria thrive in a sunny spot and only require watering in the growing season. Echeveria succulents can handle a degree of neglect and is the perfect low maintenance addition to your worktop, desk or bedside table.


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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Keep me in indirect sunlight when you first get me home, then move me to full sun to make my colours more intense.

Plant Care Tips

Plant Care Watering can 1

Let my soil dry out completely before watering me, and be careful not to get water on my leaves.

Sun icon

Keep me in a sunny spot to make my colours more intense.

Leaves icon

Ensure I'm kept in a pot with good drainage so I don't sit in water.

About Green Pearl Succulent


The Green Pearl Succulent is a variety of Echeveria, a large genus made up of over 150 succulent plants. The genus was first defined in 1828, by Swiss botanist Augustin Pyramus de Candolle, who named the grouping in honour of the 18th-century Mexican botanical artist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy.


Native to Central America and Mexico, Echevaria thrives in arid conditions with little water and warm temperatures. Adapted to the fluctuating day and night temperatures of the desert, Echeverias thrive in direct sun but can also tolerate short periods of frost. The Green Pearl succulent is easily cultivated by removing and growing the offsets (or baby plants) found nestled against the mother rosette.


As with most succulents, the Green Pearl Succulent likes direct sunlight and dry conditions. Their colours will become more vibrant if kept in direct sunshine, but they can tolerate indirect light too. Wait for the soil to completely dry out before watering and avoid getting water on its leaves which can cause them to rot.

Did you know?

Echeverias are native to mountainous terrain across Central & South America where they grow in rock faces an in gaps on cliff edges at an elevation of 300 to 1,200 metres.


If ingested this plant can be toxic or poisonous so keep away from dogs, cats or other pets and small children.

Also Known As

Echeveria; Ghost Echeveria; Hen and Chicks


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