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Elho Self Watering Inserts 1
Elho Self Watering Inserts 3
Elho Self Watering Inserts 4
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Elho Self Watering Inserts

17cm external diameter
21cm external diameter
24cm external diameter
28.5cm external diameter
33.5 external diameter
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The Elho Self Watering Insert is the a fuss free way to keep on top of watering your indoor jungle. The watering system will show you exactly when and how much your plants need watering. With a handy moisture meter built in, you'll know when your plants are thirsty and when to leave them be.

Simply take your plant out of its nursery pot, repot into the Self Watering Insert, then place the insert in a water tight decorative pot. When the leaf in the water meter is at 'min', pour water into the well until the leaf reaches 'max'. As the plant uses up the water, the water meter will slowly lower back to minimum, which is when you need to top up the well again.

The Elho Self Watering Insert comes in 4 sizes: 21cm, 24cm, 28.5cm and 33.5cm external diameter.

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