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Plant Care Hacks We Wish We Knew Sooner

Written by Jenny, Contributor

Nurturing your own urban jungle can be time-consuming. And although plant care does wonders for our mental health, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day–which is where hacks come in handy.

Plant care hacks1

Make your life easier with plant care hacks

Hacks are for everyone–whether you’re a notorious plant killer or have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to give your plants the TLC they need.

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Hack your way to plant care perfection

The internet is a goldmine for genius plant hacks, especially TikTok. So once you’ve gained some knowledge here, explore #PlantCareHacks to pick up some more. There'll be no more wilted, drooping leaves or brown tips for you. The future is bright–and green!

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Bottom watering helps prevent overwatering

Overwatering is an easy mistake to make. It’s tricky to guess the precise amount of water your plants need. So to avoid giving your leafy friends too much to drink, try bottom watering instead. Bottom watering is where you set your plant in a tray or container of water and let the soil do all the hard work for you. Let the plant drink for five minutes, remove it from the water source, and voila! You’ve watered your plant without overwatering it. Certain plants benefit from this technique more than others, for example, the Chinese money plant.

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Misting increases humidity in tropical plants

Tropical plants, such as the Banana Plant and Elephant Ear Polly, thrive in humid environments. Unfortunately for them, the air in our homes is often quite dry, especially during winter when the heating is regularly running. So if you want to make your humid-loving plants feel at home, invest in a plant mister and give them a spritz at least once a week (which also keeps the leaves clean and fresh). Any of the following can be signs that your plant needs a humidity boost: brown edges, crispy leaves, yellowing leaves, or wilting. However, these are all pretty broad and could very well be due to a different issue–so it’s up to you to figure it out!

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Watering bulbs keeps plants hydrated

Arriving home from a holiday can often be disastrous for plant parents, but you don’t always have to return to shrivelled and drooping leaves. Watering bulbs come in handy for individuals who like to travel a lot or simply for those who don’t enjoy watering plants. So how do they work, exactly? The water is stored in the top and trickles down the narrow tunnel into the soil, giving your beloved plants a constant water supply. You can also create your own watering bulbs from various household items if you want to save some cash. For example, with a little bit of DIY mastery, a wine bottle can make the perfect watering bulb.

Shell on Earth 3 0370

Crushed shells prevent gnats and mites

One of the most frustrating things about owning plants is dealing with a pest infestation. First, you spot one or two flying about in the house, then they quickly multiply and are almost impossible to get rid of—fortunately, many ways to prevent pests such as fungus gnats from bothering your houseplants. For example, crushed whelk shells can be scattered atop the soil, which act as a layer of protection and can help retain moisture.

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Grouping houseplants together makes plant care easier

When you come across plants in their natural habitat, they grow naturally with other plants–so why not replicate that in your own home? For a more natural plant care process, group plants with similar needs together, for example, Aloe Vera and Agave. Mimicking the natural growth of plants is a brilliant tactic to make them flourish in your home, while making caring for them easier. For example, do you have tropical plants that need misting? Place them together so you can mist them all at once. They may also be able to create their own ecosystem where they retain moisture together.

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