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How To Create Your Own Mediterranean Garden At Home

Written by Jenny, Contributor

Are you fed up with manifesting a Mediterranean escape to no avail? Well, we personally think that bringing the Mediterranean to your own garden is the new vibe. You’ll save money in the long run and will always have a gorgeous paradise to lounge around in all summer.

Meditteranean garden

Make your outdoor space into a Mediterranean garden paradise

The Mediterranean aesthetic is inspired by the countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea, such as Greece and Italy. It’s an iconic, laid-back, low-maintenance style that anyone could recognise, making it perfect for those who want their garden to be their escape.

Pebbly paths, embellished terracotta pots, olive trees, silvery-green foliage and rustic decor, are all hallmarks of Mediterranean gardens.

Mediterranean garden

Achieve the Mediterranean garden vibe with the right plants and pots

What could be better than spending balmy summer evenings in the solitude of a gorgeous Mediterranean garden that you created yourself? It’s such a well sought after aesthetic with good reason–nothing exudes style and pure relaxation like the Mediterranean.

Lemon tree outlondonlistedhome

Add aromatic citrus trees

Citrus trees, like lemon and lime, make perfect additions to a Mediterranean garden, and they’re surprisingly easy to look after. What’s also great about citrus trees is that you can purchase them small and keep them in a moderate-sized pot to suit a smaller space. People often think that you need a huge garden to accommodate trees, but not when tiny trees exist! The main thing to note is that they will need to be brought indoors during winter to shelter them from harsh weather, but during the summer, they will thrive in the sunniest spot in your garden. Larger citrus trees can provide that all-important shade that’s a vital feature in all gardens across the Mediterranean.

Bougainvillea Alexandra 3 0075

Create shaded areas using trailing plants

Shaded areas are a must in Mediterranean gardens to provide sanctuary from the heat. Consider ways that you can create natural shade using plants—for example, trailing plants over a trellis or (if you’re lucky enough to have one) a pergola. If you’ve ever been to Greece, you’ve probably seen the iconic, vibrant trailing plants like Bougainvillea Alexandra adorning the exterior of restaurants. This plant has a decent flowering period, often adding colour to your garden for the entire summer. Also, you may want to add some comfortable seating under the shade for sipping your morning coffee and seeking refuge from the sun.

Spanish Dagger 4

Choose drought tolerant plants

Authentic Mediterranean gardens will be full of drought-tolerant plants that can thrive in a dry climate. The Spanish Dagger (Yucca) is a common choice as it’s a tough succulent that can withstand full sun, as well as the Festuca Glauca, which has the classic silvery-green foliage. Introducing some of these drought-loving plants to your home will make your garden much more low-maintenance, too.

English Lavender

Incorporate fragrance with herbs

Many of the herbs we know and love come from the Mediterranean, such as lavender, bay and rosemary, so a Mediterranean garden is not truly complete without at least a few of these scented bad boys. Arguably, the best gardens are those that activate all five senses. So pick up a few sun-loving, fragrant herbs to complete your Mediterranean paradise–and get you in the mood for cooking up something delicious in the kitchen.

Use plant pots as focal points

An array of simple and decorated terracotta pots is an iconic characteristic of Mediterranean gardens. Aim to have a diverse range of sizes as large pots can be used as statement pieces, and smaller pots can be grouped together. Conveniently, all plants from The Stem are suitable for any plant pot to make repotting as fuss-free as possible. However, not all terracotta pots need to contain plants; one or two could act as a water feature to add reflective detail to your garden.

Find the Best Outdoor Plants From The Stem

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