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Different types of outdoor plants & how to care for them

Written by Viki, Plant Lover

Improving your outdoor space with different types of outdoor plants is a great way to make your home a cosier place to be, whether for your day-to-day schedule (especially now so many of us are working from home), for entertaining guests (BBQs anyone?), or even to add some extra value to your home by increasing your curb appeal.

Red Cordyline 5

Exciting news, Stem lovers! We've got a fantastic brand-new outdoor plant range, for all of you out there with a balcony, a yard, or for some of you lucky souls, a garden.

We’ll take you through some of our outdoor plant favourites and some different options depending on your outdoor garden needs. If you’re just getting into outdoor plants or already a serious gardener, we’ve got you covered.

Our Pick: Different types of outdoor plants to suit all

Perennial and Proud

Given the climate in the UK, and the fact so many of our native trees and plants tend to lose their leaves and colour over winter, it can really pay off to invest in some solid perennials in your outdoor space.

Perennials give year-long coverage, meaning they provide great value for money and don’t require a ton of effort to keep healthy and happy. Keep the garden green, not grey, with these perennial options:

Red Cordyline 1

Red Cordyline (Cordyline Australis ‘Red Star’)

The red cordyline is a member of the Asparagaceae / Asparagus family, originally native to New Zealand and the Pacific Rim, and she’ll be sure to add some exotic warmth to your garden space. The Cordyline is a vibrant perennial shrub that will really add some character with her lovely red sharp looking leaves and compact palm-like appearance.

The Maoris have traditionally used the cordyline tree, a close family member of the red cordyline, extensively as a medicine for a variety of ailments and also as a fibre for weaving and making clothes. The red cordyline appreciates the sun whilst being watered sparingly, around once a month or so, taking care to let her roots dry out before being watered again.

Bay Tree 1

Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis)

The bay tree is an English classic; a plant that you’ll encounter in many English gardens and a plant with a regal air. There’s no wonder the bay tree’s Latin name, ‘Laurus Nobilis’, translates to ‘green noble’. The bay tree is a hardy evergreen plant that will manage to survive both arid summers and cold winters in the UK;, a great first-time buy for new outdoor plant enthusiasts.

Olive Tree 4

Olive Tree (Olea Europaea)

Another outdoor favourite of ours is the olive tree. Whilst the olive tree won’t produce olives in the UK, it will add an ancient and regal air to your back garden and keep its beautiful dark green leaves over winter, keeping your outdoor area looking fresh. The olive tree really thrives in as much sun as possible and likes to be watered little and often.

Low Maintenance Options

If you already find watering your indoor plants a challenge, perhaps finding some outdoor plants that are lower maintenance is the best option. At least the watering part shouldn’t be a big problem in the UK given our regular rainfall; certainly the silver-lining of the cloud when it comes to our bad weather!

English Lavender 3

English Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia ‘Hidcote’)

The lavender is a real winner and house favourite. As we all know, lavender produces a divine fragrance; calming and detoxifying. It’s worth having lavender outside just for the nasal stress-relief, let alone lavender’s admirable purple flowers which are also lovely to caress in your hands. Lavender is easy to care for as they don't require much water and certainly don't want to be overwatered, although she does like to bask in the sun when possible.

Heavenly Bamboo 1

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina Domestica ‘Obsessed’)

Heavenly Bamboo, as its name suggests, is certainly a heavenly plant to look at and have around, with beautiful red-turning leaves in Autumn and white flowers that come out in June.

Whilst certainly heavenly, the plant is not like typical bamboo but much more compact, making her a great option for smaller garden spaces where minimalism and beauty are key. Heavenly bamboo can make a great focal point. Heavenly bamboo-like regular watering but make sure their roots aren’t water-logged. This unique and fiery Japanese native will provide some warmth to your outside space as the days get shorter and its leaves turn red as the season changes.

Add some zest with these Citrus Plants

Lemon Tree 1

Lemon Tree (Citrus Lemon)

If you’d like your outdoor space to evoke a sense of ancient Greece or Renaissance Italy, the lemon tree is a fantastic choice; a popular citrus tree that has been spread around the world although was originally thought to have come from Assam in India, before slowly made its way through the Mediterranean and the Americas.

The lemon tree is a lovely-to-look at, aromatic shrub, that benefits from being placed indoors over winter, as it isn’t hardy enough to cope with winters in the northern hemisphere. The lemon tree likes to be watered regularly over summer whilst also benefiting from being misted regularly to provide more humidity.

Lime Tree 5

Key Lime Tree (Citrus x Aurantifolia)

The Key Lime Tree is another evergreen shrub, native to South-East Asia, that will benefit from being kept indoors over the winter, just like the lemon tree. The lime tree has similar needs to the lemon tree with regards to watering, and both trees benefit from special citrus plant food. Key limes are used in a number of beauty products such as perfumes, soaps and essential oils, whilst the key lime is also a popular type of lime used in cooking and most importantly in one of our favourite drinks, gin & tonic!

The Stem’s Range of Outdoor Plants

Different types of indoor plants range at The Stem

Whilst we’ve given you a snapshot of our different types of outdoor plants in this blog, you can explore our full range here. Whether you’re looking for a hardy perennial, an exotic Japanese shrub, or a calming lavender plant, we’ve got you covered.


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