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Best Plants for Mothers Day

Written by Angelica, Social Media Manager

With Mothers Day right around the corner, have you thought about how to show your mum just how much you care? Now you’re grown, macaroni bracelets and petal ‘perfumes,’ just aren’t going to cut it! Show them you love them and are grateful for them with a beautiful plant that can always remind them of your mother-child bond. Struggling to find a gift for mothers Day? At The Stem, we make it easy, find the ultimate list of the best plants for mothers day below.

Best plants for mothers day

Show You Care & Find the Best Plants for Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday takes place this year on the 27th March, and is a time to celebrate all the mums out there - the ones who raised us, cared for us, gave us the best advice, fixed our messes and without whom we simply wouldn’t be here!

So what better way to show what your mother means to you than giving a little gift of life back? Plants are ideal mothers day presents. Not only do they look great, but they symbolise life, health, nurturing and care - all the gifts that your mother gave to you.

So what are some of the best plants for mothers day? Lucky for you we’ve got just the thing…

Best Plants to Give For Mother’s Day


Peace Lily

We don’t always have the most peaceful relationships with our mothers at times! The Peace Lily is the perfect gift to humorously pay homage to that while also showing that underneath it all, you love them no matter what. Also associated with prosperity and sympathy, the gorgeous Peace Lily is easy to care for and produces striking white flowers that contrast perfectly against a backdrop of dark green leaves.


Flowering Orchids

For a bright and striking gift that is a symbol of strength and beauty an Orchid is the perfect mothers day surprise. With purple, pink and white varieties to choose from, you can rest assured this pet-friendly and low-maintenance plant will be well received.


Green Eucalyptus

The perfect bouquet for the mother’s out there that are not so great at keeping plants alive! Our green eucalyptus dried flower bouquet is an everlasting bunch that will retain its unique and natural look. Perfect for vases, home decor and gifts! Check out our full range of dried flowers for more options.


Bonsai Money Tree

The Bonsai Money Tree is thought to bring wealth and prosperity to its owner. So if you’ve eaten your mum out of house and home in the past, perhaps it's time to give a little back! Give the gift of a bonsai Money Tree and hopefully you’ll see your mum flush with cash in no time.


Bay Tree

The Bay Tree is often referred to in Greek Mythology as a symbol of courage and strength. Having a strong, courageous woman in your life to guide you and show you the way is truly invaluable. So show your mum that you appreciate all she’s done for you with this great gift. Bay can also be used in cooking and is also prominent in herbal medicine for treating wounds. Aside from that, the tree itself will look fantastic in a sunny corner of the garden.


Heart Leaf Philodendron Hanging

What better way to let your mother know that you love her than with a gorgeous plant with heart-shaped leaves? This tropical vine is an air purifier and doesn’t require a great deal of care. The beautiful leaves will bring colour and life to any room.


Olive Tree

The attractive Olive Tree is another great mothers day gift option. With silver-grey foliage the olive tree gives a taste of the Mediterranean to any outdoor space and will produce delicate white flowers and small black fruits in the summer months.



Our terrarium plants are perfect for mum’s who work from home or fill their homes with plants that are easy to keep alive. Terrariums are like tiny greenhouses and make for great desk buddies or kitchen plants. These plants continue to grow as time goes on and require little to no care.


Flamingo Flower - White

The Flamingo Flower is another stunning indoor plant boasting heart-shaped leaves that will show your mum how dear she is to you. Choose from elegant white, pretty pink or striking red varieties. These plants give a pop of colour to any room and bloom for ages so are a fantastic option to replace cut flowers and make for a gift that keeps on giving.

Does your mum have too many plants and flowers but nothing to put them in? Why not gift your mum a new plant pot or vase? At The Stem, we stock a wide range of plant pots and vases that can be bought separately or delivered with your plant of choice. Take a look at our selection today.

The Best Plants for Mothers Day - Celebrate Plant Loving Mums

Being a mother can be a tough old gig at times, so let yours know just how much you appreciate her with the gift of a beautiful plant this Mothers Day!

Not sure what kind of plant your mum will like best? Not a problem! Our passionate plant-loving team is on standby and eager to help you find the ideal plant for your special one-of-a-kind mum. Just get in touch, and we'll help you find the perfect indoor or outdoor plant to show how much you care.

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