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Anthurium andraeanum 'Champion Red'

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Flamingo Flower Red

Plant height
12cm pot
17cm pot
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The Flamingo Flower is a beautiful flowering indoor plant. With red palette-like leaves that enclose yellow spikes and contrasting dark green foliage, it will make a colourful tropical splash in your home. With long-lasting blooms, the Flamingo flower makes an attractive and eco alternative to replace cut flowers in your home or give as a gift. Also comes with white flowers.

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Plant Happiness
To see me at my best

Keep me in a bright, warm spot out of direct sunlight and mist me regularly.

Plant Care Tips
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Wipe my leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust.

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Keep my soil moist but not soggy, watering me regularly in spring and summer, and less in cooler months.

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I love high humidity so mist me regularly.

About Flamingo Flower Red


The White Flamingo Flower is a variety of Anthurium andraeanum, differentiated by the colour of its modified spathes. Its botanical name Anthurium means "Tail Flower" in Greek and refers to the tail-shaped flower that protrudes from its colourful spathe. They have been introduced to many subtropical regions as an outdoor plant and is a popular houseplant across the world.


The Flamingo flower is native to Columbia and Ecuador, where it thrives in tropical humidity and warmth. Anthuriums are epiphytic, meaning they grows on other trees.


Flamingo flowers like bright, indirect sunshine and do not like direct sun rays, except in the winter months. Their soil should be kept moist, with only the top few centimetres of soil drying out between watering. The Flamingo flower enjoys humidity and should be misting regularly, particularly in the winter months. In the spring and summer, Flamingo Flowers like to be fed with a liquid fertiliser every two weeks or so. Spent blooms should be pruned to encourage new flowering.

Did you know?

Despite the appearance, the "flower" part of the Flamingo Flower is actually a modified leaf rather than a true flower. Its flowers are really small and are found on the spike protruding from the coloured leaf.


If ingested this plant can be toxic or poisonous so keep away from dogs, cats or other pets and small children.

Also Known As

Anthurium andraeanum 'Champion Red'; Tail flower; Laceleaf; Painter's-palette

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