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Best Flowering Plants

Written by Angelica, Social Media Manager

If you are looking for beautiful flowering plants to add colour and character to your home and garden, these beauties will do just fine! Whether you are a green-fingered expert or a total novice, whether you need an unkillable plant or like one you've got to work for, whether you are looking for something to add to your already blooming garden or are starting from scratch - we have got you covered. Let's take a look at some of the best flowering plants that will look gorgeous in any space.


The Best Flowering Plants for your Home & Garden

Flowering plantsorchid


Our Moth Orchids come in purple, pink or white and are easy to care for and pet friendly too. The gorgeous blooms are long-lasting and add a touch of elegance to any room. The striking flowers can last for up to a year, so if you are looking for year-round colour and an alternative to freshly cut blooms, an orchid could make all your dreams come true!

Flowering plant2

Flamingo Flower

Another gorgeous flowering plant that comes in a variety of colours is the breathtaking Flamingo Flower. You can guess by the name that this flower is bright, flamboyant, and likes to make a statement. The colourful leaves and central bright yellow spike give a fantastically tropical feel. Choose from pink, peach, red or white varieties, or why not put a different one in every room of your home?

Flowering plant3

Peace Lily

This low-maintenance plant looks great all year round. From lush dark green leaves, beautiful white flowers will emerge. The Peace Lily brings a sense of calm and tranquillity to any home. They love a humid environment, so they work well in bathrooms and even help purify the air around them too.

Flowering plant4

The Flaming Sword

Another attention-grabbing plant is the Vriesea Orange, otherwise known as the Flaming Sword. This aptly-named plant provides glossy-green foliage that perfectly contrasts its piercing, sword-shaped orange flower. Another easy-care option, this plant works well in bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms to create a fantastic focal point and bring some outdoors indoors.

Best Outdoor Flowering Plants

Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica

Fatsia Japonica is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that can grow up to 65cm. It boasts large bright green leaves. It's an excellent garden plant where full sun isn't possible as it will thrive in dappled shade. Expect pretty white flowers alongside small black fruit to add colour and interest to your outside space during the autumn.

Flowering plant6

Red Cordyline

The Red Cordyline is a striking outdoor plant that grows spiky red leaves. It looks excellent contrasted against smoother, soft plant varieties in the garden. When reaching maturity, it will produce wonderfully scented white flower stalks that rise high above the plant.

Flowering plants7copy

Ilex Crenata

Ilex Crenata goes by many different names, such as Japanese Holly or Box-leaved Holly. This pretty evergreen shrub grows slowly, but it’s worth the wait. It will produce attractive small glossy leaves and delicate white flowers in the summer, and if it’s near a male plant, blackberries follow in the autumn months.

Find the Best Flowering Plants From The Stem

If you are looking for the best flowering plants, browse our range of top-quality indoor and outdoor plants today. Our flowering plants will add colour, texture, and movement to your home and garden, and they make ideal gifts too. So shop now or get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions or need some advice on picking the perfect plant for you!

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