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Best Winter Indoor Plants

Written by Emily, Plant Lover

When the weather turns colder, the sky a little greyer and the harsh winter weather descends upon us all, it’s no wonder that we want to spend more time indoors. Making your home a place of peace and tranquility has never been more important, and indoor plants can add colour and texture to any room.

Low light duo

Picking the perfect winter indoor plants can help turn the rooms in your home into brighter, more interesting spaces. Inviting a little bit of nature into our homes can lift our mood - in fact, there are loads of psychological benefits to having plants indoors, so filling your home with beautiful plants is kind of a no-brainer.

However, deciding on the perfect winter plant for your home can be tricky, and it’s important to select one that will thrive in your living space. All plants need a bit of TLC, and with shorter days, cooler temperatures, and less sunshine pouring through those windows, it's a good idea to select slightly hardier plants or ensure you create an indoor environment for them where they can continue to thrive despite the decidedly less than tropical outdoor climate.

Common problems with indoor plants in winter

Not enough light - if your plants require lots of direct sunlight, they may struggle in the winter months. Always check the amount of light your plants need and get them close to windows where possible. You can always purchase a LED grow light to give your sun-loving plants a little bit of a boost on those dreary winter days.

Over-watering - plants generally require less water during the winter months as the days are much cooler and therefore retaining water is easier. You can tell if your plants have been overwatered by checking the leaves for wilting or yellowing, rotting roots, no new growth, and green covering over the soil.

Under-watering - contrarily you can also fall foul of underwatering plants if you like to keep your house pretty cosy during the winter. If you are one to blast up your heating and pretend your living room is a tropical beach in the Caribbean, you should ensure that you keep your plants well-watered, regardless of the gloomy wet weather outside. Signs of underwatering are wilted leaves, dry soil, dry leaf tips, and slow growth.

So now you know how to care for your winter indoor plants, let's look at our top picks.

Aloe Vera 1

Winter indoor plants for every home!

Aloe Vera

Popular houseplant, aloe vera really struts its stuff in the winter months, flowering abundantly if provided with good light. Keep the soil well-drained, and position it by a window for your best chance of success.

Bird of Paradise White 5

Bird of Paradise White

While a tropical plant, the Bird of Paradise White provides a stunning focal point all year round. If you keep your home fairly warm in winter, this plant is one to admire during the winter months, with its gorgeous, deep green leaves. A humid room such as a bathroom, where it can shine in all its tropical glory can work particularly well.

Clusia Princess 4

Clusia Princess

The hardy Clusia Princess boasts thick, shiny green leaves and is ideal for a pop of greenery on a desk, shelf, or bedside table. These plants are easy to care for, making them an ideal companion this winter.

Moth Orchid White 3

Moth Orchid

The Moth Orchid only needs filtered light to thrive and blooms for months on end. Flower stems tend to present around October or November, and early flowering will take place while it’s still feeling pretty wintery out there so they can provide some much-needed colour to the interior of your home.

Moth orchids also require little from you, though crave a humid environment so will do well away from direct sunlight in a bathroom.

Desert cactus 4


While you might think of cacti growing in the scorching sun of the desert, they actually make fantastic winter plants. Why? Because their ability to store water is second to none and you can pretty much leave them to it over winter. So if you are a lazy plant lover (no judgment here) but still want something to bring the outside inside, a cactus could be perfect. Plus there are so many interesting varieties to choose from, you’ll really be spoilt for choice.

Corn Plant 4

Corn Plant

Corn Plant care couldn’t be simpler, and they actively prefer life away from direct sunlight which is a big bonus in the dreary UK winter (and, let's face it sometimes the dreary UK summer too!). Beware not to overwater this one, otherwise enjoy the waxy green foliage that will bring a touch of the tropics to your room.

Snake Plant Laurentii 1

Snake Plant

If you are a plant lover who loves low-maintenance plant buddies, the Snake Plant is an ideal choice. It can handle full sun in the summer but is equally happy in partial shade. It prefers dry air too, which is ideal if you like to keep the heating on. It’s a great plant for beginners and its large single strikingly patterned leaves add interest to any room.

Rubber Plant Robusta 2

Rubber Tree

Last but not least the Rubber Plant Robusta is a popular choice with thick, deep green leaves that have a decidedly rubbery texture. They are easy to care for indoors and can grow as high as three meters tall, making them ideal for making a statement and bringing some much-needed nature inside the home during the winter months.

Indoor winter plants - we’ve got you covered!

So if you are looking for the perfect winter indoor plant, why not browse our extensive range today? Our passionate plant-loving team is on hand to help if you need any information or help to choose the ideal plant for you. So get plant shopping today!

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