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How To Maintain Healthy Outdoor Plants

If you take the time to look after your garden, you can ensure that your outdoor plants live longer, healthier and happier lives. By taking the time to pick plants that are right for your garden, and understanding how to care for the different species that grow there, you can ensure that your plants remain looking great for many years to come and maintain healthy outdoor plants.

Maintain healthy outdoor plants
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Everything you need to know about selecting and how to maintain healthy outdoor plants

How to Keep Your Outdoor Plants Healthy

Feeding & Watering Your Outdoor Plants

Watering properly is crucial when it comes to maintaining healthy outdoor plants. Overwatering is as bad as under-watering as it can lead to funghi developing which will destroy your plants. Too much water can also lead to drowning and leaf spots. If you are under watering your plants will dry out and eventually die too. The best way to water is to ensure the soil remains moist without soaking the plants or letting them sit in pools of water in pots or containers.

Avoid watering the leaves but water directly onto the soil instead, to ensure it soaks through to the root of the plant. Whenever the soil feels dry, you should water again.

Consider The Placement Of Your Plants

Different plants require different amounts of light, so make sure you plant or place pots in the ideal spots for them to flourish. Sun-loving plants will need lots of daylight so make sure they aren’t obstructed by others or in the shade. Other plants will tolerate shady areas but remember no plant will survive if they don’t have any access to sunlight at all.

Clean your gardening tools

Keeping your garden tools clean is important as this will ensure that any diseases don’t spread from plant to plant and will also stop any bacteria or dangerous elements from spreading around the garden. Clean tools will also do their job more efficiently, and will last longer too, so make sure you take the time to care and maintain them well.

Maintain Your Outdoor Plants

Taking good care of your plants will involve regular maintenance. Make sure you deadhead plants when necessary. Cut back any excess growth, cull any unhealthy parts of the plant to ensure that it continues to flourish. By taking care of your garden in this way you’ll help to keep it looking its best as well as get rid of any hidden pests that might be lurking too

Get Rid Of Weeds

Weeds are not good for gardens so if you want your garden to thrive you need to take time to check for weeds and get rid of them as soon as they appear. Weeds can suffocate the roots of a plant as well as destroy the aesthetic of your garden. So make sure to pull out weeds and try to get them at the root so they won’t continue to grow.

Companion planting

Companion planting is another great technique for a productive garden. By planting different types of plants close together you can increase their productivity, help to keep pests at bay and provide pollinators too. All this will ensure your plants continue to grow successfully.

Check the health of your plants

Whether you’re buying new plants or transplanting plants from one place to another (such as repotting) you need to first inspect them to assess how healthy they are. Introducing a diseased plant can be very destructive so check for plant disease and pests before you bring any new plants in.

Best Outdoor Plants

So now that you know what you need to think about to ensure your garden remains happy and healthy, take a look through some of our popular garden plants to see what could work well in your garden.

Bay Tree 2

1. Bay Tree

A Bay Tree is a very popular choice for British gardens and has plenty of interest to offer. An evergreen shrub, the Bay Tree boasts lush dark green leaves. Pretty white flowers appear in spring followed by black fruit.

Euonymus 1

2. Euonymus

Euonymus japonica, otherwise known as the 'Green Spire' is a fantastic option for those looking for an easy, attractive plant to brighten up their outdoor space.. With glossy, dark green foliage, the evergreen shrub produces delicate green flowers in the early summer months then vibrant orange berries immediately after.

Festuca Glauca 2

3. Festuca Glauca

Festuca Glauca, is a hardy evergreen producing pretty blue-grey foliage. This is a low maintenance plant that will thrive in most gardens. Look forward to flower spikes in June and July..

So now you know, it’ time to discover your perfect new garden plants today!

These garden tips will help you to keep your outdoor plants healthy. If you have any further questions or need some more gardening advice, get in touch with our team of passionate gardeners who’d be delighted to hear from you.

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