Our Story

Hey, I'm James founder of The Stem.

I started The Stem in October 2019, after battling mental health challenges whilst working in the City. Spending time in nature was an important sanctuary for me and enabled me to rebuild my sense of self. I wanted to start a business that helped others find their own connection with nature by making plants and gardening more accessible than ever.

After battling my own mental health challenges, I found sanctuary in nature which inspired me to start The Stem

Sharing plant happiness

Not only do plants look great but there’s also a lot of evidence that plants and access to nature can improve our physical and mental health, including reducing stress and lifting our mood. For those of us that live in cities, with limited access to outdoor space, having houseplants is a great way to bring the green indoors.

The benefits of houseplants

Our mission is to share the joy of plants for happier homes and a healthier planet. We help you discover beautiful plants for your home and hand-deliver them directly to your door, in the most sustainable manner possible.

Looking after the planet

We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do and believe in doing business for good not just for profit. From planting a tree for every order, offsetting any carbon emissions in our supply chain, to delivering in 100% electric vehicles - we're committed to building a business that puts the planet first.

Our sustainability promise

Helping you care for your plants

Ordering your new plant is just the beginning of your journey to plant parenthood. We're committed to sharing expert advice and plant care tips to help your plants thrive. Our Plant Care Hub is full of knowledge and our Plant Doctor is always on hand if you need support for unhappy or dying plants.

Check out our Plant Care Hub

Why buy from The Stem?

Best Quality

We only stock A1 grade plants and an awesome range of pots.

Exceptional Service

30-day no questions asked returns, free scheduled deliveries, complimentary plant care support.

Focused on Sustainability

Delivery in 100% electric vans, plant a tree for every order, low impact packaging.