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How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree This Year

Written by Viki, Plant Lover

Is there anything more lovely than having a real Christmas tree in your home? The beautiful look of real green pine needles combined with the gorgeous scent flowing through the rooms of your house is a real highlight of the festive season. Decorating the Christmas tree is another beautiful tradition, and there is nothing like getting together with family or friends to add your decorations, turn on the lights and get into the spirit of Christmas!

How to recycle your Christmas tree

There is a time when Christmas comes to an end. When the presents have all been opened, and the turkey eaten, and when even the sight of another mince pie makes you feel a bit ill, you know it's all over. That's probably around the time that you might start to notice your real Christmas tree looking a bit sorry for itself too.

While it can be tempting just to take your tree to the nearest bin and be done with Christmas once and for all, there are plenty of more environmentally-friendly ways to handle your tree that are a bit more in keeping with the spirit of the season.

How to Recycle your Christmas Tree - What are the options?

Below we've listed some great ways to recycle your Christmas tree this year:

Woodchip Mulch

If you are a bit green-fingered, you'll know doubt know how useful a wood chip mulch could be for your garden. Wood chip also has many great purposes such as protecting plants, helping to moderate soil conditions by retaining moisture, and slowly releasing it back into the soil. It also helps protect the soil against frost and surprises weeds from growing too. To convert your tree into woodchip mulch, you need a shredder. You can hire one if you don't own one yourself or reach out to a local gardening club that would likely be happy to help. Once chipped or mulched up, you can then spread your Christmas tree chips in your garden, or your local park or woodland area to help the soil and plants!

Needle Mulch

You can also make gardening mulch from the needles from your Christmas tree. Start collecting the needles as soon as they fall from your tree. The resulting mulch is perfect for plants that thrive in more acidic conditions, for example, sweet corn, cucumbers, beans, broccoli, turnips, cranberries, and blueberries.


Factoring carbon footprints? As well as having your tree chopped up and spread in your garden, the other method is to pop it on your own bonfire. This will significantly reduce the carbon footprint by up to 80%, as a 2-metre tall real Christmas tree the carbon footprint is 16kg C02e if it ends up in a landfill. Burning the tree will emit the carbon dioxide that I stored whilst it grew, therefore there is no net increase.

Create a frame for your climbing plants

You can also get creative with your Christmas tree and use it as a frame for your climbing plants. The bare tree can be planted as is in your garden border. Climbers such as sweet peas, clematis, or honeysuckle can then grow over it. You could also chop off any good-sized twiggy branches and use them to stake your plants later in the year.

Create a home for the hedgehogs!

Chopping up your tree means that you can create a log pile house for any visitors seeking shelter in your garden. By trimming the twigs short and bundling them up, you have created an instant bug shelter - simply shove these in a bush and let them find their way. Hedgehogs will also appreciate logs stacked up to make a shelter for them during the cold winter months. Again if you do not have a garden, you can deposit your hedgehog home into your local woodland area, or give it to a wildlife-loving friend as a gift for Christmas!

Donate your tree & organise a collection

Lots of councils have a garden waste scheme where they'll collect your tree and use it to make wood chips or mulch. Check your local council's website to find out when collections in your area are running during January.

Your local garden centre or nature reserve may also be happy to take your tree off your hands so you could also get in touch with them.

Everything you needed to know about recycling your Christmas tree this year

These five ways on how to recycle your Christmas tree this year should give you food for thought before you drag it off to the nearest tip or landfill. So why not choose to recycle your Christmas tree this year and let that warm, fuzzy, festive feeling last a little longer?

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