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How to Grow Your Own Veg

Written by Viki, Plant Lover

You may be surprised to learn that it’s way easier than you may have previously thought to grow your own veg! In this guide, we give you the lowdown on how to grow your own veg indoors and what you need to be aware of in your journey towards home-grown culinary bliss.

75 How to Grow Your Own Veg

It’s worth keeping in mind that growing vegetables indoors can actually be better than growing outdoors. This is because it’s much easier to control your internal environment (with regard to light and warmth) and also avoiding hungry garden critters and bitter January frosts, and it goes without saying that many of us don’t have access to an outdoor garden.

What you need to know about how to grow your own veg

Whilst growing your own vegetables isn’t always the cheapest option, it’s certainly the most fun and rewarding way to do it. With learning a great new skill in mind, (now we’ve all mastered banana bread), we want to give you the lowdown on how to grow your own veg. Whilst banana bread is delicious, growing your own supply of indoor vegetables will help to balance the yin and yang of your diet and keep you healthy.

Grow your own veg and do your bit to be more eco-friendly

Another great reason to grow vegetables indoors is that it can be very eco-friendly. Since you’re buying less from shops, that means fewer emissions and also less plastic usage. Plus you can reuse common household items such as milk cartons, as makeshift pots for your vegetable plants.

And for any doomsday preppers out there, growing your own vegetable supply would seem quite self-explanatory if things really hit the fan! If anything else, growing your own vegetables and knowing that the only sweaty fingers to have touched those vegetables are yours is invaluable for your peace of mind and makes growing vegetables indoors an extremely rewarding process.

Getting started with how to grow your own veg

Great news. You can actually grow your own vegetables inside all year-round! In essence, most outdoor plants will thrive indoors if they have the right conditions; enough warmth, enough light, enough nutrients, and maybe the occasional hello to let them know they’re loved.

One of the key variables for indoor veg growing success is light. For plants producing vegetables or herbs, they need a bit more light than the average plant to grow well. As the seasons change and natural light diminish, it’s likely that your vegetable plants won’t grow to their best without a good source of light. Whilst you can find a sunny windowsill to place your veg, if you want to really boost your indoor harvest (and meet your five-a-day fruit and veg quota!), LED lights are a great option. You can purchase LED lights from us here.

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Now, let’s get down to business. Here are the key steps. Don’t worry if you feel you need more advice. Our vegetable growing kit comes with an in-depth guide.

  1. You want to plant your seeds in your small containers in a suitable spot such as a warm windowsill. Check the specific instructions in your kit that will tell you how much space the seeds need between each other.
  2. Wait for stems to appear. This is known as the germination phase, where your seeds look upwards for light and sprout.
  3. Repot into larger pots once your plants have several leaves. Congratulations, you’ve made it this far! Each individual plant stem will need its own pot to grow in to allow it to spread its roots and start to mature.
  4. Take care and monitor your vegetables until they’re ready to be washed, cooked and eaten! The total time from germination to harvest really depends on the vegetable, but you can expect approximately two to three months for most types.

Our Veg Kit

As mentioned above, we’ve got a great little kit to get you started. Our kit contains kale, spinach, tomato, chilli and lamb's lettuce. Not a bad starter pack to get you on your way to creating a great indoor kitchen garden and a fantastic home-cooked meal with home-cooked ingredients. We’re feeling hungry already!

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The Stem Grow Your Own Veg Kit


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