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How To Care for Dried Flowers: A Guide

Written by Emily, Plant Lover

Whether they’re for a gift for a loved one or for yourself, dried flowers are a blooming great alternative to a classic cut bunch. Dried flowers have surged in popularity over the last few years and this is due to the ease of care and aesthetic appearance. Their longevity makes them a more sustainable option compared to fresh flowers, as they can last for a number of years if cared for properly.

Here is our guide below on how to care for your dried flowers to keep them flourishing for as long as possible and to prolong their life

Flower Care Guide

Everything you need to know on how to care for your dried flowers

There’s a bunch of stuff you can be doing to increase the lifespan of your new dried floral bouquet. This guide will help you to understand how to care for your dried flowers and the do’s and don’ts to be aware of when they arrive from The Stem. Care for your dried flowers to ensure they last all year long.

Flowers Arranging

Our 3 Step Guide on How to Care for Your Dried Flowers

1. When Your Dried Flowers Arrive


When your dried flowers arrive, they will be beautifully arranged by our in-house florist Michalina. The bunch will also be wrapped in our branded packaging to protect the flowers on the journey to their new home. If you're planning on placing the flowers into a vase, you will need to carefully remove the packaging before placing inside, and ensure the vase is clean and empty.

You don’t need to give your dried flowers any water, fertiliser, or even mist them. In fact, they actually dislike very humid conditions, so keep them as dry as possible.

Flowers Unwrap

You don’t need to give your dried flowers any water, fertiliser, or even mist them.

Styling Tips

Your chosen vase should be around two-thirds the height of your arrangement to ensure your bouquet is well supported. You can trim the stems to the desired height if necessary.

To see the bunch looking its best, you may need to rearrange the flowers once they’re in the vase. We recommend putting taller stems towards the back and spreading different varieties of flower evenly to create an aesthetic mix of colours and texture.

Alternatively, you may want to split your bouquet into a few vases to spread their colour around your house. This is a great way to make the most of your bunch, particularly if you have some empty vases at home.

Flowers Smaller vases

2. Finding the right spot

One of the most important ways to keep your dried flowers healthy for longer, is finding the right spot. While they can withstand a wide range of conditions, they will last much longer if you follow the steps below.


Dried flowers prefer (you guessed it) drier conditions. That means they will prefer living in bedrooms and living rooms, rather than high humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. They also prefer mild temperatures, which is why we also suggest keeping away from hallways, particularly ones near your front door.

We suggest keeping your flowers on a shelf or tabletop, away from draughts, like near a window, and away from heat sources such as radiators, stoves and fireplaces.


When looking for the right spot, it’s also important to consider where they might look best - of course! If you’re thinking of placing your dried blooms on a shelf, we suggest arranging with ornaments, indoor plants, or books of different textures and heights. If you’d prefer, you can also use your flowers as statement centrepieces on a table or even a desk-top buddy to brighten up your home office.

Flowers Direct sunlight

You should avoid placing on windowsills that get large amounts of direct sunlight

3. Cleaning your dried flowers

It is important to keep your blooms clean and dust-free. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, but whichever you’d prefer, the key thing is to make sure you’re being gentle at all times.

Method 1: Brush

The first way you can clean your flowers is by getting a small dry brush (such as a paintbrush) and carefully removing any dust build-up from the stem and flower head. If you don’t have a small brush to hand, you can also consider using an air compressor spray, a feather, or even an old-fashioned feather duster.

Flowers Brush

The key thing is to make sure you’re being gentle at all times

Method 2: Hairdryer

Another way to clean your dried flowers is by using a hairdryer. For this, we suggest taking your flowers outside and putting them on a solid surface, this will prevent dust from the flowers simply moving onto another surface in your home. You will still need to remain relatively close to the inside in order to plug in your hairdryer.

We suggest holding the hairdryer around one metre from your flowers and make sure it’s at the lowest power and temperature setting, so you don’t damage your flowers Direct the air towards your flowers and this will blow off any dust. You might find you need to use your hands to ensure the air reaches the whole bunch so the dust and dirt are removed from each flower.

Pampas grass 4

Pampas Grass

3 Easy Steps on How to Care for your Dried Flowers

There you have it, our simple, easy-to-follow 3 step guide on how to care for your dried flowers once they have arrived at your door! Have a beautiful dried floral arrangement that lasts all year round. For more help on all things dried flowers, check out our other guides here.

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