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Easy Herb Garden Ideas To Release Your Inner Chef

Written by Jenny, Contributor

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to grow herbs at home. As a matter of fact, herbs are the best place to start for beginners (and those with anti-green thumbs). So if you’re looking for some easy and accessible herb garden ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Herb garden ideas1

Need some herb garden ideas to get you started?

Nothing beats plucking fresh herbs from your very own herb garden to use in your kitchen. Even if you’re not a keen cook, everyone can appreciate the flavour and quality of a homegrown herb. Besides, the benefits of growing produce are practically endless, from rising food costs to reducing household waste. You’ll be doing your future self a huge favour by starting an edible garden, no matter how small it may be.

Herb garden ideas3

Find out how easy herb gardening can be

Anyone can grow herbs at home. You don’t need to worry about lack of experience (or previous gardening failures). As long as you have the right tools and basic knowledge, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

You also needn’t worry about not having enough space, as most of the following ideas don’t even require a garden!

Herb garden ideas2

Raised beds

If you have the space, a raised bed is always a good idea for growing herbs. You can either build a raised bed or buy one from your local DIY shop. As long as your garden receives enough sunlight (most herbs need around six hours per day), you’ll have a great chance of producing some very healthy, bushy herbs. Start with growing simple ingredients, such as this Italian Herb & Veg Kit, which is perfect for anyone who cooks plenty of pasta dishes.

Herb garden ideas5

Patio planters & pots

No matter their shape or size, any patio can bear a herb planter or two. And there’s truly no easier way to jazz up your patio area than by adding a few leafy friends. What’s also great about a patio herb garden is that you needn’t stray far from the kitchen to fetch your ingredients. Look out for hardy planters that can withstand harsh weather, such as this Black Vivo Planter, which is both frost and UV resistant. It’s also built on wheels so you can move your plants around to follow the sunlight. If cooking isn’t your thing, you can start your very own cocktail herb garden using a Cocktail Herb Kit.

Herb garden ideas4

Make the most of your balcony space

Balconies can be fabulous little spots for herb gardens. They’re high above the ground, away from creatures like cats that may dig up the dirt, and they often have plenty of light exposure. You can hang planters on the railings or pot your herbs on the balcony floor. There are many space-efficient ideas to try, for example, using a step ladder and staggering small pots vertically. This Indian Kitchen Kit will thrive on a sunny balcony and provide you with all the delicious spiciness for your meals.

Herb garden ideas6

Mixing flowers & herbs

Mixing flowers and herbs is a genius space-saving idea. Fortunately, many flowers and herbs grow well together, such as rosemary and pansies, and they look great together, too. Not only will your versatile garden be attractive to the eye, but it’ll be attractive to pollinators and beneficial insects, too. So buy yourself a Flower Kit and Herb Kit, and start nurturing your very own bee-friendly garden!

Hydro Herb Kit 8


Did you know you can grow herbs without soil? Hydro-Herb Kits are super low maintenance (and less messy) and can be placed on a sunny windowsill to grow. The kits contain organic nutrients that last around two years to keep your herbs thriving for a long time after you buy them. As fewer materials are needed using this technique, Hydro-Herb Kits can be considered a particularly sustainable choice (not to mention their containers are made from recycled wine bottles).

Herb Light Garden 7

Light garden

Let technology do the hard work for you with this Elho LED Light Garden that encourages your herbs to flourish without the need for natural sunlight–perfect for anyone without access to a garden. The adjustable height means you can use it on freshly sown seeds as well as larger plants. If you're one of the many people trying to avoid plastic, plant your herbs in these coconut coir grow pots which are a brilliant eco-friendly alternative.

Honourable mention

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to experience the high-tech side of gardening, The Smart Garden is a virtually effortless way to start growing herbs. It uses innovative technology to give your herb garden the right amount of water, light and nutrients, so you don’t have to.

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