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Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

Written by Viki, Plant Lover

Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve killed supermarket herbs too! But we promise you there is a better way, and we can all grow our own herbs inside and have a fresh supply of kitchen tastiness throughout the year.

3 best herbs to grow at home 1

1. Basil

This stalwart of Italian cooking is one of the best herbs to grow indoors. The aromatic leaves are the perfect companion to tomato dishes or to make fresh pesto.

Basil will grow vigorously in warmth and sunlight, so if possible it’s best to position it close to a south-facing window or use a grow light such as our herb light garden.

As basil grows make sure to regularly pinch the top set off leaves to prevent it flowering (which will reduce how bushy the leaves are). Water regularly and water whenever the soil feels dry, make sure it is planted in a well-draining potting mix and in a pot with drainage holes.

With good growing conditions, you can start harvesting in as little as 6 weeks from seed.

Hey pesto!

3 best herbs to grow at home 2

2. Oregano

This Mediterranean herb is a low and wide growing herb and loves a sunny spot - think south-facing window sill.

Oregano is commonly combined with olive oil to make vinaigrettes and marinades, and also makes a great garnish. It is also often used in its dried form.

Not only does oregano taste great, but it’s also packed full of vitamins and essential oils with antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Oregano is not a thirsty herb so go easy on the water and only water when the soil feels dry. You should also trim regularly to keep it bushy and in shape.

3 best herbs to grow at home 5

3. Mint

Spearmint, also known as common mint or garden mint, is one of the best herbs to grow indoors because of its fast growth and fragrant minty smell.

Spearmint can be used to brew fresh mint tea, garnish new potatoes, make mint jelly, use in soups or even for Pimms. It is also good for digestion, is high in antioxidants and can reduce stress and blood pressure.

To grow mint indoors, make sure that you water it whenever the topsoil has dried out, and rotate every few days to ensure even growth as they have a habit of growing towards the light. Mint has been known to take over containers and beds, so it is often better to pot it on its own.

3 best herbs to grow at home 4

4. Parsley

Parsley is another Mediterranean herb that has been used for thousands of years and is a great addition to salads, sauces and anything that needs a pop of flavour.

Parsley comes in two main varieties, flat-leaf and curly. Like other herbs, parsley is packed full of goodness including vitamins and antioxidants.

In cooking, it’s great for Italian cooking, adding to fresh garlic bread and pasta dishes.

Parsley likes a deep pot to grow and ample light.

3 best herbs to grow at home 3

5. Thyme

Thyme is another globally popular herb used in cuisine from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.

There are over 350 varieties of thyme, but the most common is T. vulgaris. Thyme is packed full of goodness including vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre, iron, manganese, copper, calcium, and riboflavin. It also has powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

In cooking thyme is often used with lamb dishes and pairs well with eggs, cheese and tomatoes and poultry.

3 best herbs to grow at home 6

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Written by James Folger, Founder of The Stem


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