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Ficus Benjamina 'Twilight' Love sticker

Weeping Fig 'Twilight'

Plant height
21cm pot
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The Weeping Fig, also commonly called known as Ficus benjamina, is an evergreen tree with arching branches that arise from its light grey trunk, and hold its attractive, dense, variegated green and cream coloured glossy leaves. Ficus benjamina is also a superstar at cleaning nasty pollutants from the air and will look great anywhere around your home.

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Keep me in a spot with bright, indirect light, water me when the top few cms of my soil has dried out and try not to move me around too much.

Plant Care Tips

Misting icon

I like bright indirect light but avoid direct summer sunshine as it may burn my leaves.

Sun icon

Water me when the top 2-3cm of my soil has dried out.

Leaves icon

Mist me regularly to keep my foliage fresh.

About Weeping Fig 'Twilight'


Weeping fig or Ficus benjamina is a tropical tree native to Asia and Austraila. They have become a very popular houseplant due to their rare ability to cope well with lower light levels indoors, as well as for their attractive bushy appearance, and multiple growth forms from trees, to bushes and even bonsai.


In the wild weeping figs typically grow up to 30 metres tall, and they are frequently planted in parks and along roads in tropical regions. Ficus benjamina start life as strangler figs as seeds are spread by animals high up into the canopy of other trees. As the seed sprouts, roots from the Ficus benjamina grow down the trunk of the host tree, eventually strangling it.


Weeping figs like good bright, indirect sunlight and for their soil to be kept moist but not water logged. They hate being the cold, being moved frequently or being affected by draughts, so try to keep their climate as stable as possible.

Did you know?

The Weeping Fig is seen as a tree of peace; with the seeds in the fruit representing unity; apparently Buddha even gained enlightenment under a weeping fig!


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