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Wax Plant

Plant height
70cm length
12cm pot
Pots that fit me
Nursery Pot
Nursery Pot
Lisbon Grey
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Tivoli Earth
Tivoli Grey
Como Ivory
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Blue Fractured Pot
Como Turquoise
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The Wax plant, or Hoya linearis, is a unique looking plant with slender leaves attached to long, flowing tendrils that love to hang and trail. To make the most of its curtain-like form the hoya linearis would be suitable for hanging pots. To make the most of its curtain-like form the hoya linearis is well suited to hanging pots, where it can show off its cascades of green foliage. If kept in the right growing conditions your wax plant will reward you with waxy, cream, scented flowers.

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Plant Happiness

To see me at my best

Keep me in a bright spot, watering when soil is dry and increase humidity.

Plant Care Tips

Misting icon

Water me when my soil has dried out.

Sun icon

Feed me once per month with liquid fertiliser during spring and summer.

Leaves icon

I like humidity, so mist me regularly.

About Wax Plant


The Wax plant is a species of the Hoya genus, discovered by the Scottish scientist Robert Brown in 1810, who named the genus in honour of his friend, botanist Tom Hoy. Native to Australia and eastern Asia, the wax plant has been cultivated as an indoor plant for over 200 years.


In the wild Hoya carnosa often grow as epiphytes, relying upon trees, moss poles or rocks for structural support. Their leaves are slightly succulent and they bloom clusters of small, typically pink, flowers in late summer.


Wax plants like bright light but out of the harsh, direct sun and only requires watering when their soil has fully dried out. As a fast-growing plant, the Hoya carnosa is a heavy feeder and should be fed twice per month, with a liquid fertiliser during spring and summer. They can be a little bit sensitive to extreme temperatures so should be kept away from fans of draughty windows.

Did you know?

Wax plants symbolise wealth and protection.


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