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Ficus benghalensis 'Roy'

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Banyan Fig

Plant height
24cm pot
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Pots that fit me
Nursery Pot
Nursery Pot
Soft Round Pot Anthracite
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The Banyan Fig houseplant, also commonly called Indian banyan, is a type of tree native to the Indian subcontinent. The Banyan Fig has beautiful, glossy, oval-shaped leaves with distinct pale pink-green veins, that fan out from its delicate stems. The Banyan Fig is a statement indoor plant and will add an architecture feature to any room in your home. And as an easy-care houseplant is a great addition for both first time plant parents.

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Plant Happiness
To see me at my best

Put me in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight and let my soil dry out between waterings

Plant Care Tips
Misting icon

Feed me with a diluted liquid fertiliser once a month in spring and summer.

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Let my soil nearly dry out before watering me, then saturate.

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I like bright, indirect light and can tolerate some shade.

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