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Cortaderia selloana

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Pampas Wreath

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This hand-crafted wreath is made up of pampas grass and is a beautiful addition to your Christmas decorations. Hang yours from your front door with your favourite ribbon or use it as a festive table centrepiece to really impress your guests. The Pampas Wreath is 45cm in diameter. Please note the ribbon is not included.

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To see me at my best

Keep me in a dry spot either indoors or hanging from your front door, inside your porch.

Care Tips
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I don't need any water.

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Keep me away from sources of moisture to ensure I don’t mould.

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Remove dust with a small brush or hairdryer on a low setting.

About Dried Pampas Wreath

Flower Selection

This floral wreath is made of dried pampas grass arranged on a circular straw base. The wreath is approximately 45cm in diameter. Please note the ribbon is not included.


There are several ways to hang your wreath. If using a ribbon, cut a piece long enough so that your wreath will hang from the desired spot and tie securely with a tight not. You may want to add a large bow to your wreath, using a crisp ribbon. Command strips, magnetic hooks and adjustable wreath hangers are also great options to keep your wreath in place.


Dried pampas grass is really easy to look after and requires little to no maintenance. Keep your dried floral wreath in a cool, well-ventilated room away from moisture or outside in a covered spot. Dried pampas grass could turn limp and go brown if exposed to water.


Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

Did you know?

Pampas grass, Cortaderia selloana, is a large perennial grass native to Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Mature plants can reach ten feet tall and six feet wide.

Size Guide

Pampas wreath is approx. 45cm wide.

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